Looking for advice on setting my War defense team, please

Once again, a big thank you to @Kerrang @RandaPanduh and @Dudeious.Maximus! I’m going to put your knowledge and advice to use over the next two VF Alliance Wars. I hope I am not being a pain to you guys. For such a long time, the only “good” heroes I had available were healers and passive ones (Sabina, Boril, Cyprian, Gullinbursti), etc. I became used to rolling that way, so to speak, with my approach to everything in the game. And yeah, no purple hitters to speak of right now (although I do have Tiburtis, but he is barely leveled at this point).

You all are great. Thanks again!


Curious, do you have any costumes for these heroes? Just wondering, as some have better SS than their original - but at the very least - they come with a stat boost which could help make/break some instances [in team setups]

Great news that you do own Tibs :grin: He’ll fit in nicely so you’re not forced to run too many passives if you don’t want to (once he’s finally leveled/maxed/emblemed). It’s a bit annoying when you can’t really use a specific color for [specific] purposes

So I feel you on the whole getting stuck with passives. Although, it’s that sort of thing that helps us learn a whole different way to play [than the norm] - using survival to your advantage [offensively]. Imo, that’s where the true thought and skill lies - making use of what you have.

Cuz, well, can’t help the RNG :sweat_smile:

Good luck in war!!

Do let us know how it all works out :blush:


Hey there,

I have leveled costumes for the following: Boril, Caedmon, and Gormek

I have unleveled/not yet fully leveled costumes for: Grimm, Tiburtus, Kiril, and Boldtusk (I haven’t done anything with Boldtusk yet at all)

I set my War defense as: Marjana - Grimm - Li Xiu - Sabina - Skittleskull

I was able to run emblems up pretty high on Grimm and Li Xiu (node 15 for each) before War started today. I went with Sabina instead of Rigard because she’s strong with emblems. Rigard takes cleric emblems and I only have about 100 of those. Boril, also a cleric, has full emblems. I suppose I could strip him of emblems and give to Rigard, but I’m not sure if I should just be patient, and wait until I accumulate more emblems. Boril does have his uses in the game (IMO).

And hello to @Kerrang and @Dudeious.Maximus! Good luck to all of you in War today. Now . . . if I can just get my Alliance teammates to use all flags . . . 37 unused flags last War. As you might imagine, we got destroyed.


Nice one play to your style and what works for you. The fourm is a guide for people some people may say one then the other yall get a feel to the game and what works for you.
Good luck In war took 3 flags to take my team out haha, I’ll prob get one shot for the rest.
Also check out the coummity content instresting thread on there :wink::+1:


Hey @Christian77 :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow! It’s awesome that you were able to upgrade your heroes in time for the alliance war defense; and with Li Xiu and Grimm at 15+, nice! :star_struck:

And double awesome for having all those costumes! I know E&P gamers that have been playing for over 2 years and don’t have that many costumes! :joy:

I also have their costumes (for the same heroes) and between Boril and Rigs, the Cleric emblems should go to Rigs before Boril (imho) because of his ability to heal over time, add a +45% attack to all allies and cleanse all, and I definitely agree with @RandaPanduh

He will become clutch for many situations whereas Boril only has one special (Riposte/Counter). I have C-Rigs at 10+ and he’s on my purple war team, titan kill team, tourney team, etc. because he’s that good and is a hero that provides synergy, and trust me: at the time (when I pulled his costume) I really didn’t know why everyone in my alliance was so excited for me and telling me to quickly max/level him up. And it still took some time before I realized just how good he is (costumed)…

As For costumed Grimm, Tiburtus, Kiril, and Boldtusk: I have used all of them, but they are only (consistently) reliable and effective with emblems. And over the course of playing time, I’ve made emblem changes: I kept Kiril with only 9 emblems because I also have Isarnia, Glenda and JF with Wizard emblems. But Kiril is a great 4* and the primary healer on my blue war team and titan kill team (because of his +30 attack and +30% defense) and I only use the costume bonus and not the costume itself (different specials), which helps keep the need for more emblems lower.

I’ve kept Grimm at 14+ but only because I don’t have a 5* barbarian that I’m willing to max (not yet anyways, :joy:) and before I had enough 5* red heroes, BT was my Red Tank or Left Flank but (again gradually over time…) I lucked out and got awesome 5* fighters and now, they have those emblems.

Ironically, I prefer Fast Snipers/Hard Hitters and I’m more of a “Hulk Smash everything” brute force kind of player, as opposed to a strategist (who can work the tiles and boards for diamonds). Yet, ultimately the heroes that I emblemed were both healers with multiple special skills LOL!

My point is that you kinda have to grow your heroes (over time) based on your playing style (just like @Dudeious.Maximus mentioned), and depending on your roster (in other words: which of your heroes, when combined in a team, will have the best synergy and stack specials together); in order to make the ultimate decisions on who gets emblemed.
But the good news is there are more emblems available since a few versions ago.

Nevertheless, this is why I test out my heroes during farming, raids, wars and tourneys, etc. before making a decision to emblem and burn through tons of ham and iron.

So… with all that in mind, :drum: (drum roll…) how’s your war defense team holding up?

Perhaps more importantly, don’t be discouraged if you have to make changes.

On another note, YIKES! …rather disappointing that your alliance had 37 unused flags during the last war (37??..really…?) 🤦

Are you in an open alliance? Well, let me stop right there and table that for another time and topic…

Thanks for wishing us Good luck and Good Luck to you and your alliance as well…



Good afternoon @Kerrang @RandaPanduh and @Dudeious.Maximus,

War is over. I hope all of you faired well! Here’s what went down with my defense team:

Each team had 16 folks that opted in to War. In the first round, the other’s side’s number 3 attacker (I would guess number 3 based on TP and that he did a one hit kill on a fellow alliance member with a high defense power before coming after me) hit me twice. Managed to only take out Skittleskull on the right wing. After that, a bunch of middle/lower level attackers came after me. They seemed to have the hardest time with Marjana and Sabina. Anyway, it took a total of 15 War flags to take me out the first time. When I respawned, the other team’s (undoubtedly) best player used three attacks to take me down a second time. That’s 18 flags required to take me down twice!

Now, you might think we would have won, right? After all, they had to waste the equivalent of 3 full people’s total attacks just to take me down twice. Nope. Lost 3291 to 2980. We had 34 unused flags versus 19 for the other alliance. 11 flags were “left on the table” by teammates who, by all rights, should have better benches than I do (based on what I’ve seen them do in the past, hitting titans, etc.).

One of my teammates (a level 50 player) has a War defense team of Tyrum, Bane, Karil (no, not Kiril), Kelie, and Kashrek [3009 TP], despite having a stronghold defense team of Domita, Khagan, Lianna, Poseidon, and Kiril, all maxed with some emblems [4094 TP]. Another high level teammate runs a War defense of two yellows, a purple, and then two greens. Still another goes with a purple, red, yellow, and then two more purples. The lower level players seem to just throw themselves at targets they can’t hope to defeat, instead of waiting for a more appropriate opponent to respawn or for one of the opponents to be damaged. Others attack one target for only a few points of damage, move on to a different target and do the same thing, and then, you guessed it, hit a third target and do virtually no damage. I also have teammates that use only 1-2 flags every War, which means the system won’t automatically boot them.

Sorry for the rant. I truly appreciate all the help you’ve given me re: my War defense team!

@Kerrang, I don’t yet have Rigard’s costume, but I hope to get it one day! I have all those costumes because I got crazy lucky not that long ago doing a 10 pull. Perhaps it was the game’s way of saying sorry for all those months of giving me only passive heroes (and in duplicate and triplicate for some).

Also, you referenced your “purple war team.” Can I ask how you, and @Dudeious.Maximus and @RandaPanduh approach attacking in War? I’ve read quite a bit about it on the forum and also “Yo Mama’s” Alliance War guide, but do you all have a general approach? I know the ultimate answer is “it depends” on the target, but do you have a general strategy? For example, I would assume rainbow is out under all circumstances. But do you like to go 3-2? 2-2-1? 3-2 with a healer of each color? Only one healer at a time? 2-2-1 with the 1 being a healer? 2-2-1 with one of the 2’s being a healer? Etc.

Thanks again, everyone for your advice. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the last level of the Trials of Fortitude. I gotta get me some more cleric emblems for Rigard!


I run mono mainly or 3-2 that’s what I’m used to now. It’s sometimes hard to change, I use best hero’s that work with other hero’s. Like a attack up def down and hit 3, look at mana charge with hero’s to see if they match synergie is important in the game. I only run one healer I may run gaderius as is a health and attack bonus on certain wars.
Even a 3* combo like valen then gato can be a good for taking some one out. If you have hawkmoon© she give a attack up before hand.
If you really unhappy with your alliance then there other places (I know one we have a training one I don’t want you to come unless you want too I won’t be there, but my boss and co-leader will be)
My war ended up with, the 3 hits then 2 hits a zero and 2 one shots not bad.
Good luck in trials share your stuff here



Thanks. I like the 3-2 approach as well, especially as I get more “horses” on line and able to fight. I go mono with mainly 3 star heroes after my better heroes are used up. I’ve gotten some really good results doing it (and I’ve also gone down in flames, too, at times). I finished the Trial of Fortitude. Posted my results as you suggested. Sounds like you had a good War. I’ll let you know about switching Alliances. I may just be venting right now. Have a great night!


Hi @Christian77,

Firstly, congrats on your new and (evidently) improved defense team! Wow!…it took 15 war flags to kill your def team? I’m impressed!

Secondly, too bad about the overall performance of your alliance (or part of it)…and based on your feedback (aka: rant :joy:), perhaps as @Dudeious.Maximus mentioned, you might want to think about other alliance options…but that’s just me!

Now that being said, I suggest keeping your war defense the same for the next upcoming Rush Attack/VF war, just to see if it performs similarly (so: sampling the def team within the same rules but, against a different set of opponents). RNG is always at play, but it’ll give you some level of confidence in your new def team (imho).

You’ll also need to determine what heroes you’re going to use for your “routine” def team during alliance wars that aren’t Rush Attack/VF (unless you change def teams all the time, then disregard what I just mentioned).

Since it sounds like your alliance does not have coordinated tanks, you can choose the tank color for your def team…(Our alliance uses green tanks for war def teams and changes to purple tanks for Rush Attack/VF, so we compose the defense teams around the tanks).

Anyway, here are some general suggestions for attack teams (offense only):

  1. You should look at the opposing/enemy teams and consider the TP of the opponents/enemy teams, their team composition and be aware of the colors (especially tank and flanks) to decide the proper strong color. Also look at the hero class, mana speed and emblems, and last but not least, the troop levels. Teams that have troops over 20+ are going to hit harder and survive longer than teams with troops at level 7+

  2. I recommend color stacking (same color heroes) against the tank and specific hard to kill flanks. So if the tank is green, color stack with mostly red heroes that work well together…an example of a hard to kill flank would be a hero that you use as tank but can also be a flank (like Boril, Gullinbursti, Li Xiu) and always be mindful that some heroes are purposely designed to be flanks regardless of where someone might place them (hero position) within a team composition…so as an example Boril doesn’t make a good wing and I might exploit that (given the right circumstances)

  3. I know we talked in detail about emblems but in case you’re wondering: although the context is attack teams, it’s still more important to emblem your defense team Heroes first because they make a much more difficult targets to OSK…

  4. During your attack, if you know the battle is going to be lost (for example you have one hero left and they have five and they’re getting ready to fire off all their specials), don’t be reluctant about using the “FLEE” button. This is a rather important strategy in many top 100 alliances, but I consider it a general suggestion.

So while you’re in a battle, pay close attention to your mana bars and health and also as importantly, the mana and health of the opposing/enemy team because if they are getting ready to fire and you know you’re going to lose, use the “FLEE” button to maximize your points. By using a “FLEE” button, you’re going to help your alliance with overall points (even in a loss), because you’re leaving before they can fire and before they can heal their allies which is all part of the points calculus. This strategy ensures that you scored the maximum points possible (even after a defeat).

  1. Bad boards will happen so don’t be discouraged and try not to give up without taking a moment to reassess your hero stack against the opposing team/enemy and consider which enemies you easily kill to enable easier cleanup for your alliance teammates.

Okay now for the more specific suggestions based on what I use:

*And please remember that results may vary based on individual playing style…

Just like @Dudeious.Maximus , I prefer a mono war team or 4/1 color stacking (and again, it’s imho only)…mono = ALL the same color… and it’s feast or famine…

I’m a C2P player and don’t have a deep bench of high-end heroes. So my rationale for mono/4-1 is because during Alliance Wars you are limited to only using your Heroes once (unlike in raids or tourneys where I can reuse the same Heroes which is why I use a 3/2 stack in raids).

For Alliance Wars I typically try to attack teams that are higher TP than me sometimes as high as 200-300 TP higher…

I always compose my attack teams to include: 1) fast snipers and a healer, 2) buffers/debuffers and mana control

Positioning is based on my preferred firing order (left to right) and positioning for maximum stacking of a specific color followed by hero specials ( this is how I can maximize hero synergy).


1 = left wing should be a fast sniper/direct damage with mana control or debuffer (blind, dispelled, mana reducer) or hard hitting AoE/DoT to take down enemy teams if possible
2 = left flank should be sturdy enough and hard hitting enough to fire at least once (healer, debuff, buffer, etc) and as my partner in crime @RandaPanduh said:

3 = center/tank should be sturdy enough to take at least two rounds of enemy hits and fire at least once (and is why my tanks are usually average or slow as opposed to fast)
4 = right flank should be sturdy enough and hard hitting enough to fire at least once (healer, mana control, buffer, etc)
5 = right wing should be a fast sniper/direct damage with mana control or debuffer (blind, dispelled, mana reducer) or hard hitting AoE/DoT to take down enemy teams if possible

Other suggestions:

  1. mana troops and emblems will make heroes (on both sides) faster and stronger

  2. look for weaker tanks to target, but slow doesn’t always = weak

  3. look for weaker flanks to target if you don’t have a strong color stack against the tank

  4. Your teams for 4/1 or 3/2 stacking should use strong primary color and 1 or 2 of the opposite color (4 purple/1 yellow, 3 green/2 blue since blue is strong against red and red is strong against green) BUT, this is a specific War suggestion only because my 3/2 raid attack team is a 3 green/2 purple and does very well against the current meta.

  5. I always use the flee button if I know I’m getting ready to lose…this is because if I’m down to the last hero on my team and know for certain that the enemy team is getting ready to fire and I’m already going to lose anyway…I’ll flee before they fire, and will get the maximum points for a loss and the enemy team won’t be able to score points on my hero that fled

  6. Emblem your war defense team heroes FIRST, so that they (should) have a minimum of at least 7 nodes (7+) of emblems (aka: level 7 talents) because this is 3 of the 5 nodes that unlocks their hero class talents.

Best of Luck once again!



Thanks again for this wealth of information. I go 3/2 as much as possible, but I hadn’t thought about employing it in a strong/weak fashion. I was doing 3 strong versus tank (if possible) and 2 strong against one of the flanks (again, if possible). Depending on the opponents on the board, that almost always gets me through 4 attacks. The remaining 2 attacks are dependent upon what is left, how much time is left, where the points are, etc (I tend to attack in the last hour of War a lot).

As for the flee option, yep! I already figured that one out. I’ve used it many times because, well, bad boards happen, right? Sometimes they happen too often. Also, I like to “punch above my weight class” when I attack. That gets me in trouble sometimes. If I can’t win, I always try to get out before the other guy’s healer fires off (. . . . and then I get mad at myself for losing :rofl:)

Have a great day!


@Kerrang @RandaPanduh @Dudeious.Maximus , I hope you all are doing well and had good War results.

I just wanted to update you on the second War with the revised defense team you all helped me construct for a VF War. I was knocked out only once and it took them 8 attacks. I’d say that’s a pretty good result.

Of course, we lost YET AGAIN. :weary: Still too many flags left on the table and inefficient attacks being made. Oh well, take care and thanks again (and I promise not to keep updating you on my War results!)


We lost by about 170 points but zero flags left by both teams so that’s good hard battle.

For this war is the minion one. You have a cadeom lianna How far leveled is he/she?
I’d keep grimm - lixiu - sabina as your front 3 as they your strongest maybe cadeom/lianna on the right and maj on the left. No probs to ask questions what the forum is here for :slight_smile: :+1:

This a guide to new war rotation…


Hi @Christian77 :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the follow up and congrats on a successful and impressive def team (All your changes were (luckily) worth the effort)! :trophy:

We did very well in wars (I masked the opponent):

And personally, I like the upcoming wars mentioned by @Dudeious.Maximus (undead horde of minions :rofl:)

Best of Luck to you and @Dudeious.Maximus with your alliance wars and continued success with the game.:sparkles:



Thanks for this guide. I agree with you, if you lost War by around 170 points, that is a good battle that could have gone either way. Re: Caedmon/Lianna, Caedmon is fully leveled in regular version and in costume version. Lianna is stuck at 3/70 for now as I wait for just one more tonic to show up before I can ascend her.


Hey, congrats on the War win!

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Cool use costume cadeom as you have sabina for def buff he can cleanse if needed. Yeah I do like a good hard hitting war rather win though :slight_smile:


Bonjour je cherche de l’aide pour la formation de mes équipes contre les différents titans. Merci