Looking for advice on Intermediate Stage 10 (Guardians)

What are people’s approach to this boss fight? I’ve tried a few different combinations of heroes and items but keep getting wrecked. The closest I’ve gotten is Kong down, Panther at ~half health, and Owl at about 3/4 health.

I don’t have a full team of 4* heroes, sadly. My best are Li Xiu (4/17), Sabina (4/10), Scarlett (3/60), and Kiril (3/60). I don’t have any 4* greens so I’ve been using Brienne. Have also tried dropping Li Xiu in favour of running 2x purple (Balthazar).

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I’ve been told to kill Owl first, but I usually kill Panther, then Owl.

waits for others to weigh in! :wink:

Thanks, my most recent attempts have been to try and focus down Panther first, but this hasn’t worked out too hot for me so far. I don’t see how taking Owl down first is a viable option as he is situated mostly behind Panther and Kong (therefore hard to focus down), and I’ve been trying to avoid charging all of their specials at once since all 3 of them hit for murderous AoE damage.

Any advice on hero comp?

I guess your best bet is 5x arrows, 5x axe, 5x bombs and 5x medium mana.

Enter the stage at full health and with all your specials ready to fire. Prepare the board before entering (explosive gems, dragons and so on).
Leave 1 single enemy to do that and take your time.

When you finally step in the boss stage, activate all your specials and shoot all the items.
Use your mana pots to shoot again if you want and push the explosive gems.

Good luck.

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I finished it on my first try using Sabina, Kiril, Cyprian, Gormek, Sonya. I targeted Panther first, then used my two healers to keep everyone alive while Owl and Kong dealt huge damage to themselves because of riposte. Double buff removal also helped get rid of Owl and Kong’s self-buffs. It’s not a strategy that will give huge points, but is consistent and not board reliant. Use mana potions, health potions, and bomb attacks as needed.


Lol who said that

It’s impossible to kill owl first since it’s protected by the 2 flankers

Hmm yea I could also use some help :(. Got Wu Kong, Sonya, Rigard & Kashhrek (3.60) and Dawa, Prisca, Ulmer, Azar, Jahangir (3.50). I tried with Prisca and Ulmer, but failed both times. I came close with Ulmer… Owl around 50%… but died :(. I’m now saving up to get all the bombs, arrows and potions I need. But I’m not sure if that’s going to be enough. Any ideas? Or maybe for the line up?

Keep Wu charged up with potions if possible. He was the difference maker for me. When he would run out, I’d fire off some yellows to get rid of them and charge Wu up a bit more then fired him off again.

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If you’re trying to use only gems sure…I managed to kill owl first on advanced with my alt acount with gormek and sartana focused on him.

I’d make sure you have a dispeller as Owl’s defense buff heal over time make it difficult.

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I did it using Merlin Caedmon chao kiril Hawkmoon(highest red that would work I have azlar) kept Merlin fully charged with all 3 mana potions …

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And I attacked kong first

Debuff, target all special attacks on the owl. Go in with arrow, bombs, axes, and mana potions to recharge the the best special for the situation.

I wouldn’t blast away with all the items right at once…use an arrow and one of the attack debuffers…then wait until the boss you want to kill first is somewhat lower on hp and then use it to get it into kill range and unleash your special, charge mana, specials again, etc. nothing sucks worse than unloading all that and get a bad board and owl’s heal goes off a bunch of times pushing them out of kill range.

I agree with elpis’ comment almost entirely, fire it all except arrows spread them out throughout the battle and keep them blind shooting, its how I was finally able to beat it after 3 trys.

You can get away with firing everything in one massive salvo, but I had a full set of 4/70 heroes, used BT to buff first, hit the Owl with Grimm then Tiburtus and finally Caedmon, then used Wu Kong to boost my tile damage. I managed to take them all down before my buffs and their debuffs wore off.
It’s not a recommended strategy if you’re not sure you can take them all fast.

From left to right:


I used 4 medium and 10 small mana flasks to charge melendor and Boril when needed. In the end, it was easy and none of my heroes died. I could even have used Merlin, but that would be insulting, he’s so awesome. Basically I just charged Boril right before Kong fired his special. Same with Owl. Panther was last. They all melted themselves.

FWIW I also killed the bosses in Advanced using, from left to right:


Three 4 stars.

Merlin kept making the bosses kill each other. I was laughing.

Thanks all - ended up getting them down with Li Xiu, Scarlett, Kiril, Sabina, and Brienne. Sounds like a counterattacker made a big difference for some, sadly I do not have one at this time.

Brought a bag full of axes, arrows, bombs, and mana potions into battle and with some early luck on the boards, I took Kong down followed by Panther and Owl. The bombs and axes brought Kong and Panther into kill range, and spreading the arrows out throughout the fight was key. Owl was a serious mofo though - Sabina and her dispel was the moneymaker there.


Yeah counterattackers are the deus ex machina of the events.

@Lurker Nice job!! Congrats ^.^ — I haven’t tried again yet… waiting for my supply of bombs and manapotions to fill up. But with all the advise posted here… Im confident! Even without a riposte hero ;).


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