Looking for Advanced Team Composition Analysis

Semi-new player here looking to improve composition abilities and I’m looking for some advanced analysis of my roster from any vets. I’m really trying to learn about how to combine different abilities in order to maximize my power in both attack/defense during raids and have some thoughts about my roster, but don’t know if my thinking is wrong. I’ve seen really good advice from @Kerridoc and @RandaPandah so figured I’d tag you both just because I think you have great thoughts on the game, but would honestly appreciate advice from any experienced Platinum+ players.

Here’s my 4*/5* roster:

For my defense team, I’m leaning toward: Triton - Khiona - Buddy - Kiril - Gretel.

My thinking is that this composition doesn’t result in any buff overrides aside from Kiril/Khiona attack buff. I have Melendor as a heal option, but figure since the enemy team might stack red to kill Buddy, it would make sense to have an off-color healer so that both the tank and healer aren’t really weak to the same element. Gretel is the four star I decided to ascend, which is why I included her, but if Chao or Li Xiu might be better, I’d love to hear arguments. I’m not sure how I feel about Gretel on defense, since I’d imagine the AI just fires her special off randomly and it’s mainly impactful when selectively used to shut down a charged opponent? Is there something good about Gretel on defense that I’m missing? If you had my exact roster, which defense team would you work toward?

For my attack team, I’m leaning toward Wilbur - Buddy - Khiona - Gretel - Sabina.

The main changes are bringing Wilbur in (who seems like a liability on defense) and then replacing Kiril with Sabina so I don’t override Wilbur/Khiona’s superior defense/attack buffs. Melendor could work as well in place of Sabina, and I guess I could ascend both of them and flex between those two healers as needed. I’d love to use Santa Claus, but figure it’ll be a while before I can ascend him to max so I haven’t focused on a composition that includes him. He seems like a great tank and I’d love to use him one day.

I’d appreciate any advice from you all! I feel like there are some really strategic players on this forums and I’d love to learn more about how to craft good teams beyond just the basics.

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I think you understand your heroes very well! I like both of those teams.

One place to grow is in the ability to stack colors. While some people strongly subscribe to rainbow offenses, the majority of players at least double the tank color in raids; a 2-2-1 stacking is popular, with the healer being the “1”.

Your thinking is sound, though: ideally you bring to the fight:

  1. A defense debuffer (e.g. Wilbur, Buddy, Santa)
  2. An attack buffer (e.g. Boldtusk, Kiril, Zimkitha, Khiona)
  3. A healer
  4. Ideally, mana control (e.g. Hansel, Chao)
  5. One or more strong hitters

Some heroes fill more than one role (e.g. Khiona). So you can shift around your team to better color-match the tank and flanks of the defense, e.g. swap Melendor in for Sabina when facing a blue tank.


@Kerridoc is right, your instincts are correct, and he’s already given you some solid advice.

For attacking teams, you should always build your team to best suit your opponent, so once you have enough heroes developed, you won’t be using the same exact team for everything. For example, if you’re facing an opponent with a few nasty buffs, the easiest way to counter that is to bring in a dispeller. Or, if you’re facing a pulverizer, it helps to either use a cleanser, or someone who buffs defense to counter-act the defense down.

Personally, I always stack vs the tank, but I usually don’t go too crazy about it. I’ll do a 2-1-1-1 stack (if you can even call that a stack :wink:) by doubling the color that’s strong vs the tank, and usually removing the color that’s weak against the tank. I feel that’s a good starting move, if you’re new to color-stacking, and are trying to get the hang of it. Once you’ve felt you’ve mastered that stack, you could try a 2-2-1 stack or a 3-2 stack. The second color you’ll want to stack will be the second most troublesome hero (for me, it’s usually a flank hero, because I have mana controllers and I ghost tiles to deal with the wings), or for when people double colors in their lineup.

It’s totally up to you if you decide to color-stack. I know several people who still run a rainbow team during raids, but if you’re trying to shoot past your level, color-stacking is the most effective method to use (in my experience).

Regarding Gretel on defense, I agree, she’s not as well-suited there because the Al sucks. She’s fairly easy to work around, and her defense isn’t the best either. Since she’s your strongest yellow at the moment, I would keep her where she is.

For defense, I always prefer using a beefy hero as my tank (high defense and health) that either hits fast and hard, or helps their supporting heroes do the same. Flanks, I typically like wreak-havoc heroes, to ensure they get at least one hit off (mana stoppers/controllers, defense down heroes, heroes with amazing/helpful buffs). As for wings, very fast or fast mana heroes shine the best there, as they don’t need much to charge, and that way they can still be effective. That’s my only problem with Gretel in the wings, and why I think Chao might end up being more helpful in that position [eventually]. Both would work, I just honestly prefer fasts in wings. Your call.

For your main team, I believe the heroes you’ve started on are probably the best for the job. I would focus on one hero in each color at a time until they’re either maxed, or at the mat wall, and then move onto another.

I see you’ve kept some 3*, so that’s good. They will help round out your roster for war, and let you participate in the beginner tier of the challenge event. Typically, I’d suggest leveling them after 4*; they’re not as strong as your 4* that are at 3/60, but they’ll be fast and cheap to level. You could finish off your 4* and start on some of your 5* earlier if you’re not as interested in the beginner tier, and you’re close to having the necessary mats to take them to 80. Regardless of what you want to do, my biggest recommendation would be to stick to finishing a few teams of rainbow 4* first.

Your defense team sounds solid. If you want to do full rainbow, trade out Kiril for BT, or keep as is. Stacking in defense can work, as long as you do it smart. I think how it’s set up could work, I just prefer running rainbow personally.

Like I said earlier, your attack team should change depending on the opponent, but with that purple stack you’ll want to face yellow tanks, or else switch out the heroes depending on the opponent. I personally like running two healers, but if you find only one is necessary, I like using Kiril or BT for the buff. Since you don’t have Sonya or Caedmon though, you might need to use Mel and Sabina for the dispel instead (when it’s required).

For now though, you’re doing very well. Keep doing what you’ve been doing, and feel free to ask any specific questions you may have. I’ll be here to help if need be :blush:


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