Looking for Active Recruitments

Hello everyone! I’m new to this and I’m hoping I’m doing this right lol. So I recently left the alliance I was in because there was literally 5 people out of 28 people that were actually participating. A couple of us left and made a new alliance. I’m asking for people to come by and join if you need people who will be actually participating and chat with everyone.
Dragon Alley is the name of the alliance. Thanks :slight_smile:

If there’s only a couple of you, you might do better to merge with an established alliance. That way you can stay together, but benefit from having other active, experienced players around.

If you’re interested, there’s room for all five of you in Magnificent Jr Bastards

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Thats will be a better opportunity to gain experience , and defenetely better loot from titan and war as well

Then come on over. Tell Jad that Pinks sent you.

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