Looking for active alliance, any tips?

We have openings in Cobalt Daze & Knights. Come check us out

Come join us over at Quest4Victory! We’re looking for friendly, active players that participate daily in titans and wars, adult players preferred! We’re a kind, casual, and helpful bunch. :blush:

@Arthemis I think you’ll find what you want here. Please post when you have found a home and we can close this thread for you. :relaxed:


Heya Arty, Loot Hunters is alive and doing better than ever in case you’re wondering and looking for one for your alt too. Hope all is well! :slight_smile:

You would be welcome with us at Legendz Never Die. Totally friendly and active alliance. We are currently recruiting come give us a try if you’d like I’m sure you would fit right in

Nice roster you have. :slightly_smiling_face:

May as well mention the alliance I’m in. Fusion Fighters led by Erazer.

War’s optional, all flags if in (ideally). We’re at 8/9* titans at the moment.

I have a recruitment thread you can check out: The Fusion Fighters recruitment thread! 😁 [30/30] - #32 by ThePhilosopher
If you can stomach that you might fit in well! :grin:

@Arthemis Rohns war zone. Killing 9-10 stars. 100% war flags used. A tight knit alliance family ALL constant players and growing teams.

The 7empest has space for you! We’re currently taking down 8*/9* Titans and use all war flags. Also, I have plenty of 5* yellow and only one 5* blue. You’d be my complement.

Hi! I’m Dadinator, the leader of Out of Oz.

There’s about a dozen of us, different strengths, we can get 7* Titans but our average is 6* s. We started as a breakaway group, most of us have been together for a year. We seriously need to grow.

We understand there’s life beyond Empires. Our rules are not draconian, hit Titans of course, and I love to see people fighting in wars though it’s not mandatory. I don’t force strategy, though I’m full of advice :wink: I’m always up for discussion!

Do have a look, see if Oz is a place you might like!

Cheers, TK

Hello @Arthemis

If you enjoy helping others learn about the game or are looking for a new alliance to grow with then check out The Annual Purge. We are looking for a enthusiastic player to join our fun and crazy team! For newer members that want to grow with us we would like a minimum of 3500 TP and 800 trophies and have WhatsApp (which is easy to download). The Annual Purge is…
• Established Alliance with war strategy and wide range of knowledge to help you progress.
• Very friendly members who work closely as a team - no dramas but full of fun, encouragement, advice, support and more fun.
• English Speaking group with members all over the world.
• Active Daily Players who are currently taking out 10* & 11* Titans.
• Must use all 6 flags if you opt in for war and fight titans daily.
• Real life happens outside of the game so just let us know if you may be inactive for any reason, inactive players or war flags left without any notification will be removed.
• We use WhatsApp to communicate, it’s easy to download if you haven’t already got it.

Please ask if you have any question, we would love to have you onboard and look forward to giving you a huge welcome or just send and invite!

Sherwood Rogues is a top 1000 alliance looking for a new active member.

We’re currently hitting 4/5* titans always looking for new ppl to help bolster our family…if interested search"The Family Empire" leader is joe I’m co leader

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If you haven’t found yet we will be happy to have you.

Arthemis… any alliance should be happy to have you. You have a really solid start on your roster. As you get higher with Titans battle items are helpful, so that’s no biggie. Some of the top alliances publish their recruiting criteria, and many have alliances with different criteria by level. The Padawans (my alliance) is also recruiting for two open spots. You are welcome to check us out. We fight 10 star titans and just killed our first 11 star. We are mix of experienced and developing players. We are a fun, no drama group.

Come and join Hit the Ground Runnin

If you’re still looking, Dark Souls has three spots. We’re open… if you’re Platinum or better, come on in.

My best,


@Arthemis , ask a lot of questions in regards to what you are looking for in the conversations with the alliances you are speaking with to find a home.

Many alliances advertise what they wish to be rather than what they are. It kinda blows jumping around to find a fit.


Come visit +Knights of the Cross+ !!! You would be a great fit! We have near 100% participation in Titans and wars because we love fighting together. International, so someone is almost always online if you feel like chatting, but we have strong, silent types, too!!! Hitting 8 and 9* Titans. We encourage one another & share strategies. Most of us have been together over a year, so we have grown together - can’t wait for Season 3!

We’re invite only, so introduce yourself & see if we’re a good fit! My player name is Shining.

Don’t forget to add the +’s or you will end up on a ghost ship with our old leader’s dead account. I was one of the last to disembark, so trust me, it’s an eerie place.

+Knights of the Cross+

I hope you find the perfect fit!
:bouquet: :crossed_swords: :bouquet: