Looking for a top 500 Alliance without Line required

Hey there,

Title says it all.
About me : I’m awesome. :wink:

Other than that. Casual but somewhat competitive player, who’s looking for a place to enjoy the game. 20 heroes at 4/80.

Hello @Yoph ,
You should check us out in Guardians Reborn! We’re about to take down a 13*, Line is not required, but you must keep apprised of the featured message in the alliance chat.

Do titan hits, use all war flags or opt out, and be a cool person are the biggest requirements. We like to change up our war defenses every week or so to keep that feature fresh. It may not be the most efficient, but it is most definitely more fun :slight_smile: .

If that all sounds good, just look us up and mention I sent you from the forums in the joining message! I’d also be happy to answer any questions you may have here :smiley:

To save people’s time who might reply, I joined Guardians Reborn. Looks perfect.


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