Looking for a top 100 or 200 team

When you want to join top 100 team, you have to talk about your troops, that will help :slight_smile:

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Troops all at 16 busy doing them up

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Or even a top 200 team .

Im pretty sure you can join a top 50-100 team if you have 20×5* max.

Yes i do, and got another 40 at 3/70

You’ll be inundated with offers I am sure. Great to see a healthy number of raids and you’ve obviously got a great war defense too. We, The Incognitos are full and have a waiting list, so I’ll tag friends that would certainly help you. GL

@Math4lyfe @Timber @MuadDib


Hey @Denwen, Phoenix Empire is currently on waiting list. However we are part of a huge Phoenix family of alliances fhat can accommodate until an opening comes up.

If that’s something you’d be interester in, please search for With Chaotic Abandon in game, and send through a request to join. Cloud is their leader and will let you in.

In the meantime, could you possibly please post a roster or a link to it?

Thanks mate, wish you well

Check out Mighty Insurrectionists. They are a 300k+ alliance. Kill 13 and 14* titans, usually fighting top 100-150 teams in wars. Alliance is set to open. They use discord to communicate but it’s not absolutely necessary.

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Great roster. Thanks for sharing.
If it’s alright with you, we can add to our short waitlist at Phoenix Empire. Currently in the 60’s on the leaderboard. Stringing 14* titans.
If that’s something that you’d like to try out, then you’re more than welcome to join With Chaotic Abandon in the meantime. Happy hunting!

@Denwen happy to talk crew with you. Unfortunately I only use line. If you’re interested, I can check with other crew leaders.

Hope to hear from you. :slight_smile:

And thanks for the tag, @Sarah2!!:hugs:

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@Denwen I joined these guys recently. I’m a similar player level with slightly worse troops and a much worse roster than you.

If you can wait it out I’d highly recommend doing so - for a top 100 alliance these guys (phoenix empire) are super chilled and friendly with some necessary but light touch war rules.

Most titans die within 14-16 hours and i havent seen one 14* titans missed for the month I’ve been here. Last 2 wars were a win.

Oh and line is a plus but not a necessity (I communicate through in game chat only).

This alliamce will value your contributions and work super cooperatively without demanding line and high level troops, which is rare for a top alliance

Let me know if there an opening

What the name off your team.

I’m lead for crew-saders but we have other crews as well. :slight_smile:

Hi your team look pretty good, let me know when there a place available

How do youll run wars and teams

Hi bud , how do youll run war and defense for war.

Hey Denwen, there’s currently no spots in Phoenix Empire, but theres openings in With Choatic Abandon. You can join there until a spot becomes available.

War defence are green tanks (like everyone else!). The rest of the info can be provided in the game chat.

Good luck with your choice!