Looking for a strong merger!

Hi there!

We are a group of 10 people looking to merge with another alliance. We are all between lvls 50 and 80+ and have been together for quite some time. What we are looking for:

Top 300-500 alliance ideally
Using all war hits if opted in (yes opting out is a thing due to RL issues)
Hitting titans whenever possible (used to chaining 13 and 14* titans)
Discord preferred over Line
Fun and jovial atmosphere and chat
A place to share cake recipes, cat/dog pics and vacation happy snaps!
Used to war tank colour rotation and war strategies

If we sound like a great addition to your alliance, let me know!



They’re a cool bunch, don’t sleep on them, people!

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Thanks for creating the post Arradon !

If you would like you can come here, check us we are very old aliance , long time playing… From the description you wrote i think we are going to be perfect , if you wish come check us and contact Johnny ! line: Johnnyk1985

Hello @Arradon
Not sure if The Shop Family is what you’re looking for…but hey…those who never try already failed

Okay so here we Go
Im the Leader of The Paradox Shop one of the sister shops of
One Stop Titan Shop
Top 100 and One of the Longest Franchises

As a Representative I would like to introduce you to
Shop After Dark
3500 TP
Coordinated Tanks
War is Optional as we know RL can get hectic
Currently 14 spots available due a few leaving

At the Shops there is a total of 4 shops but we are a family…we are a sarcastic but fun loving bunch and help each other with roster, Titans, or troop knowledge( I don’t have any…lol)
We are competitive but not hard core when it comes to war…more having a good time while still cheerleading everyone on…No war is a bad war win or lose and long as those that participate use all flags and do their best


This is an awesome bunch of people. They play hard and chat even harder. If you have an alliance of 12-15 heavy hitters who are looking to step up to the big leagues, this group can help get you there.

Hello to Arra and the whole crew.

Misfit Toys

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Hello @Arradon,

I am Diablo Gato, leader of Shop After Dark. I have been with Shop After Dark for well over 2 years. We are currently rebuilding, looking for fun loving, active daily players such as yourselves.

We recently had some players move on to different things, but before they left, we were regularly taking down 11*-12* Titan. With a full alliance of determined members, I believe we could do even better.

We use coordinated tanks and we have a simple, yet effective war strategy.

We do use Line as a major source of not only communication, but we are apt to get up to some hijinx, tomfoolery and shenanigans there as well, therefore we are and adult alliance (18+). Thick skin and a sarcastic sense of humor is highly recommend.

The Shop Family is an all inclusive Family, with members from all over the world. We don’t talk politics, religion and discrimination of any kind is strictly forbidden.

If you would like to know more, feel free to contact me here, or on Line diablogato2020. Good luck out there, and may the tiles ever be in your favor!

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The shops franchise is great. The group they have makes the game fun again. :kiss: :heart:

Thanks for the options so far. I will discuss them with the rest of the crew and see where we land.

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Wherever u all end up I wish u all the best of luck even if it isn’t in the Shops. Have fun and may the boards be ever in your favor.

Not easy with options provided…regardless of your pick…best of luck to you and your team

Sorry, just curious if there is a 20-member alliance belonging to the top 300 to 500?

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Give Arra your stats, maybe there will be room for you too.

Welcome to the forum… Give us a holla if yah interested…

Feel free to hit me up if needed. Hilaria11 on LINE.
We are looking to add several alliances to our family and we have free members that need a home at the level that you are looking.

Hey @Arradon, as Hil says, the Legion family would definitely be interested.

We can bring you up to a full 30 members and you simply join the family with all your existing leadership intact

Thanks for the additional options guys. We will be making a deicision once war is over and before the next PoV begins. Most don’t use Line so there is that.

Hey there! I am the Leader of Rockets Red Glare. If you are open to merging with us we would love to have you. We are currently at 18 members. We have a lot of fun and ZERO drama. Most of our members have been with us for over a year. Folks stop in to try us out and end up finding a home with us. We are fighting 9-11 Star Titans. We do not use Line or Discord. We are “real life first” but are all very dedicated. We are very active in sharing gained and learned knowledge while helping each other grow. Check us out! Fight a Titan of two and stick around for War. We have a great time. Just use all 6 Flags for War beat down Titans and try your best. I totally understand if the idea of merging with another Alliance doesn’t appeal to you. Thanks for the consideration!

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