Looking for a strong alliance


Come join Thunder…we have one spot left! Our team score is100k+.


The Elites
Are whaiting for You


You’d be one of our strongest players in PATH OF WRECKAGE so please come join us if you haven’t found an alliance yet. :slight_smile: fighting 7* and trying to move into 8* titans.


Hello, I’ve just joined the ORACLES OF THE RAVEN. They are a lot of fun and very active so I decided to help them in completing the team. Come and have a look. All the best, Matheus.


Darkside Hunters are looking for another.


insert-coins is looking for active and progressive players. We help each other and have a very solid core. If you are still looking, add me on Line irishkilla85 or search alliance and take a look.
Best of luck :slight_smile: