Looking for a strong alliance


Come join Thunder…we have 3 spots open! Our team score is100k+. If you have a team score of 2500 or more, give us a try! We will be glad to help you any way we can! We are a family, not just another alliance!


The Elites
Are whaiting for You


You’d be one of our strongest players in PATH OF WRECKAGE so please come join us if you haven’t found an alliance yet. :slight_smile: fighting 7* and trying to move into 8* titans.


Hello, I’ve just joined the ORACLES OF THE RAVEN. They are a lot of fun and very active so I decided to help them in completing the team. Come and have a look. All the best, Matheus.


Darkside Hunters are looking for another.


insert-coins is looking for active and progressive players. We help each other and have a very solid core. If you are still looking, add me on Line irishkilla85 or search alliance and take a look.
Best of luck :slight_smile:


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