Looking for a Strong Alliance Version 1.0

Looking for a strong alliance

Hiya @Staceylynn0523,

Why don’t you tell us a little about what you’re looking for :slight_smile:


And maybe a bit about your heroes and what you are like as a teammate (how many flags you use and if you are active in alliance chat).


Hi & Welcome Stacey!

Please feel free to take a look, we would love for you to join our active & growing team!

Best of luck on your quest and look forward to meeting you!

Rohns war zone…killing 10*s…100% war flags used

Hi @Staceylynn0523, welcome to the forum.

I agree with the folks who suggest that you say more about what you’re looking for. What do you mean by strong? against Titans? winning wars? composed of lot’s of players with lots of trophies?

I am part of an alliance that I like (but not going to plug) that is the merger of two similar, small alliances. We are now (with a few, recent additions!) 29 members. In most ways, I would say we are stronger. We take on bigger Titans, there’s more chat (I like that aspect of it), more advice about who to level, who to eat, etc.

I am 100% happy about the merger. But,… those bigger Titans are soooo frustrating. I liked that I could inflict some serious damage most rounds against the 5* titans we were facing. These 7-8* titans usually kick my butt. The rewards are better, but I have to learn to gain satisfaction from much lower damage rates.

Wars. We face really tough opponents (by which, 1. more players on the other side with defense teams I cannot take out with my best team let alone my sixth and 2. coordinated tanks). Are you someone who will be at the top of your future alliance who is able to field six teams that stack against blue tanks, for example? If not, will you be okay hoping to clean up the opponents your teammates have punched holes in?

Like I said, I’m glad I am in a stronger alliance, but it has changed the game for me.


Check out Phoenix Song by MissyLou. Most of us hit the titan (7*) daily, but weekly is the minimum. Anyone choosing to participate in wars must use all 6 flags. No Line/Discord strategies. We chat some and answer any Qs. We have players from lvl 7 - 63.

If you’re looking for coordinated war strategy, 10* titans, Discord chat, and lots of chat, check out Magnificent Bastards. Hit me up on Discord at NPNKY#3674 or Line at NPNKY to discuss your roster and answer your questions.

[#ff0066]—:fire: :fire::star: :star:APEX MARAUDERS:star: :star::fire::fire:—[#66ffff] Alliance looking for active, experienced players! 3800+tp and 1800+ cups! [#ffff99]Titans, war, and communication will be required. [#ffccff] Line ID: [#ff33ff]knutmeg

If you’re looking for an active friendly alliance, The 7empest welcome you. 8-9 Tltans check us out

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