Looking for a small alliance to merge with us or for active players

Brother Grimm is looking for players who enjoy playing but are not required to log on at certain times and play by others way of playing. We know there are some strict alliances with crazy rules. Some even keep spreadsheets, logs, stats, etc. Brother Grimm is definitely not that type of alliance. If you want that kind of alliance then Brother Grimm is not where you need to be. Our guidelines are simple and like most others so I won’t tell you we are more special because we are friendly and awesome and blah blah blah. If you are on the forums in the recruiting section then you have probably been playing long enough to know most of these recruiting messages are basically the same. It really just comes down to which alliance you feel comfortable with. Some may not click with us and that is okay. All I can say is we are a fun group that enjoys this game and the social atmosphere between our members all while carrying on with our real life. Attached is a screenshot of our alliance so look us up and check us out.

We would really love it if a small alliance of 10 or so just wanted to merge with us. We are on Discord

My offer still stands… we can easily accommodate 10 players, but we could negotiate further… As I had no reply from you, I uninstalled discord, but if you are interested I could install it again. We might be able to meet half way, merging into a new alliance with 15 members from each of us… we could call it “Lord Grim’s Wrath” to honor both our sides, or we could find a more suitable name. Unfortunately, I can go no lower than 15 from my side. But… A new alliance with 30 daily titan hitters and some strong war teams will be a lot more than both of us have right now… I bet 8* titans would be a joke… Also, we kind of have the same rules. Hit the titan, as best you can, just hit it daily and opt out of war if you don’t like it… no other rules.
I’m sure we could find a suitable solution for leadership also, I’m not particulary keen on it, so we could figure something out. I have some guys that have been with me for a long time and I’m willing to compromise if it gets them into a strong alliance.
By the way, I’m not wasting time on the recruiting channels because of the exact reasons you mentioned… please, let me know if I should install discord again.

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We decided to have a small alliance merge with us instead of disassembling our alliance. Thank you though


Good luck then, but small alliances with good members are kind of hard to find, as you, no doubt, have already found out… I was looking for the same deal as you are now for some time, but no luck… I even sent recruiters to some alliances that fitted that pattern, but couldn’t get any to join us. Maybe you will get luckier than us. Leave me a message if you reconsider, I’m open to suggestions.

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Still looking for an alliance to merge with us

Still interested, we might be able to work something up if you don’t find a better solution…

Ian487 y’all are welcome to join us but otherwise we are not leaving our alliance. If y’all want to join then check us out. Otherwise please stop commenting on my thread trying to get us to join y’all. We are not breaking up our alliance.

Sorry to have bothered you… Good luck with the merger!

Jacob have you found a merger yet? If not i will run it by my alliance to see if they are interested. If not i am leaving today with my main, alt and family member.

Smd, we have not yet. Run it by them and let me know. If you have Discord I will share that with you.

Sorry not going to work this time but thank you

Okay sounds good. Hope all works out for y’all.

Still looking come check us out