Looking for a serious alliance

I like my alliance but not everyone listens. It’s a good group of casual players but I would like to become part of a more serious alliance. I have a lot of great heros. I just need more time to max them out. Titans is a big priority for me because that’s where I get most of my accention items. AW would be next in line. I’d like to find a group that likes to coordinate attacks to flip boards easier. He’s a list of heros and items I’m working with. Hope to hear from some top tier alliances.

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You’re more than welcome to give us a try



Hi @CapitalHunter

Guardians Warlords is the latest venture from our Alliance family.

It’s all about great teamwork and a high level of coordination.

Give @FrostbiteXIII and @therocketcat a call if you’re interested.


Hi @CapitalHunter

You’re more than welcome to check out Hells Psych Ward, we started this alliance with the intent of focusing on our lines and troops to be more effective as we grow

Join the Chaos Brigade - we have 26 members and are looking to fill up

We expect all flags used, or opt out of wars
From 600-2500 CUPS we have it all
If You NEED help its here also just ask
Come check us out You will be glad you did

You have a cool bunch of baby heroes. Stop summoning and level some epics first, since you’ll probably need years to max all your legends.

Focus on Tarlak, Ranvir and epics now to improve your titan hits.


Come check out our server and have a chat with the alliance!

We still have 1 spot, if you still looking for competitive, fun and serious alliance. Just line : Viper2345 or :. Lagunz


Hey there Capital Hunter …come join us at Crew-Rogues. We are a casual alliance and have what you are looking for I firmly believe.

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Nice lookin roster! Hope to see you somewhere in crew soon!

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We just had 1 spot open tonight due to inactivity. We have a good blend of serious but still maintain a casual touch and it works. So while we take our progression serious, we don’t ever plan to be “diehard”. Currently we are taking down 10s easily and just got our 1st 11. Feel free to hop on discord if you would like to chat. No invite required.

The ZERO family is 7 alliances playing on different levels and playstyles. Common line group across all alliances for sharing advices and fun.

Hi there please check out Forest Gnomes Gone Wild! We are a tightly knit group and all laid back yet competitive, active bunch. We are organized in terms of titan hits and AW. In AW we have swept our opponents 2/3 of the time. The rest are just normal wins. Happy to help you grow and be part of our crew.

If you haven’t found a home we just started our own alliance. Lots of experienced players, looking for more. Have our lowest atm is 3600tp. Sand’s Storm. Come check us out. Sandra_d_ in Line app

29/30 members taking down ten star titans…

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