Looking for a reason to continue

Everyone knows that in this game nobody loses to the opponent but to the board. It’s the worst cheating villain in this game. The developers know this because there are several topics clearly reporting such events. Against titans, attacks, events … whatever the board is ALWAYS against the player. The most ridiculous thing that is even funny is the SG support, always responding at the end of complaints with “good luck!” This is impossible with you manipulating the board with an algorithm that always favors the opponent.
It is simple to correct this, just let the board stop playing against. This will be favorable for everyone.
It is embarrassing and revolting. There are no good heroes in ANY event draw, board is programmed to always harm, in the war if my alliance is 80k we face other alliances with 100k. This is not fun. It doesn’t motivate you to stay in the game. I will see something changes by the end of the year, if I don’t change I will be one more to abandon.
Here is my demonstration of indignation.

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