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Someone had posted their google account log with spending a absurd amount of $$ on this game, can anyone point me in the right direction?

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I’m sure he appreciates that characterization…


Yup, it was an absurd amount.

Now remember that when you see defenses with all lvl 30 troops.



If you are referring to the spreadsheet that a player posted, even he agreed it was an absurd amount. He was trying to illustrate to the rest of us that it’s easy to get caught up in the spending trap.

I really appreciated that he was willing to expose himself in that way (knowing he’d possibly be trolled), just to send us a cautionary tale.


He’s right behind you @princess1 :slight_smile:


That spreadsheet is confusing to me… is there really such a purchase item described as “mountain of gems” or was that a self described title? I’m also having trouble with the gem totals… something like 1.3million gems? No need to respond if you dont want to.

I definitely applaud putting that info in the thread as an educational tool. That took alot of courage to do.


The $100 gem pack. I’ve never tallied up the gems.


The first word rhymes with “wit,” and the second word is “ton.”


My intention was not to poke fun at him, a alliance mate of mine wanted to read it for himself as he probably had a hard time believing me. I agree that it took some big nads to post that info knowing the trolls would come running.

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I don’t know why… because u have said many more things wittier than that… but that just made me laugh so hard! :laughing:

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I’m glad it tickled your fancy :smile:

I’m a simple man…

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This was the highest amount I have read so far but no google account

But the thread might be right

Hey. To each there own I suppose. And I guess it’s relative. If I made what F1 drivers and captains of industry made I wouldn’t bother worrying about throwing coin at a game. Heck what’s a couple grand when ur making 25 mil a year…

Also not sure where F1 drivers came from I know they make a lot but I’m not even a huge fan. Really have no idea on that one.

Lewis Hamilton’ career earnings are estimated to nearly $500 mil. Tiger Woods’ are estimated to $1.5 bil. LeBron James about $1 bil.

So yes, F1 drivers make good money :slight_smile:

Lewis Hamilton is already worth $500 million?! Holy crap! I knew they made coin but that’s on a whole different level. He’s gotta b 10 years younger at least. I mean regards to the other two

This is the highest I’ve seen.



20k bugs

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