Looking for a place that needs help

Hello Everyone!

We are a group of three that is in search of alliances that need help. Whether it be war strategy, help increasing titan scores, team building, etc. We can help work your alliance towards its goals. We are NOT staying permanently in any alliance we visit but staying long enough to get it going on the right track to success.

Our Line ID’s are in the banner or find us in our “home” alliance: The Dork Squad.


Hey my alliance need new recruits. If interested u can join " DEADLY SOULS" itz icon is a skull in red background. Would love if u play with us… itz an active alliance. We need members…

Hey guys, check out IceStorm if you’d like. We currently have 20 members, most in 30s/40s. We hit lvl 6/7 Titans and are very active. We win most wars. Would love to have you three in our alliance. I’m WingNut74, co-lead. The alliance is a little over a year old. Let me know if you have any questions, or just feel free to join! Thanks, Matt.

Yes please, come join us over at Quest4Victory! We could use extra players to help out with war strategy and coordination. We have mostly strong veteran players, and a small few that are continuing to grow their teams. We’re looking for friendly, active players that participate daily in titans and wars, and we’re a kind, casual, and helpful bunch. We’d love to have you guys!

if any of you use Line hit me up. lzm73

Currently we are in an alliance helping out but when we are done we may be able to come help.

We are open for your help!! So we waiting for you!

are you the leader over there?

Hey Lzm, I don’t know if you’re asking me or doncastillio, but we’d still love to have you! I’m one of the co-leaders.

My wife needs extra help with the game. Maybe if I get her to download line app your advice could motivate her more on how to strategize and make sense

Hi. We are looking to add members to an alliance that is reorganizing, after we had a number of members split off to form a new alliance yesterday because wouldn’t tolerate draconian measures. We are a group of supportive and active players. Fragles Phoenix. I’m co-leader. Happy to add committed members.

What exactly were these “draconian measures?” I’m curious how serious your alliance is.

Well, the draconian measures were the folks who left. There were a few players that want very strict rules that would mean if you missed 1 day of play you would be kicked out of the alliance. I disagreed, saying this was too severe and the players that wanted this left to form their own alliance and some members chose to follow them.
So with the reduction in ranks, we are looking to rebuild. We ask all players to hit the titan and to either participate in the wars or opt out. We ask if you know you are going to be unavailable due life stuff (which we all have) to drop a line in the group chat so we don’t hold you missing the titan. Since we are in a rebuilding period we are still figuring out how many times you can miss the titan before getting kicked out, probably will be between 3 - 5, when no advanced warning. It is a great group that offers lots of support to fellow alliance members. Our alliance is super positive and we are looking for active players that are looking to join a fun, positive alliance.
Hope this helps. :blush:

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Back to my original subject to those that still are not quite getting it. To put it very simply: we train leaders. we show them how to lead and help with a plan to work toward their goals. Then we leave to the next alliance that needs help. We are not looking for a home.

@ButterRobot i did mean you. If you have Line message me. lzm73

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I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve flagged posts from people who really should make their own thread rather than railroad yours. :wink:.


Not sure if you noticed, but this thread was started by @Lzm73 who was offering their expertise to help grow alliances. Perhaps you can establish a separate recruitment thread, rather than take over this one :confounded:.

I like this idea. Has anyone taken you up on your offer? Do you teach your methods or customize your advice?

I think your reply was meant for the OP, so I am tagging him here just in case @Lzm73

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