Looking for a new serious alliance

Im looking for a new alliance. My current defense team is 3999 but it is about to go up thanks to Morlovia I will be able to max Kage. My best hits are against red titans amd my poorest are against yellow. Hopefully Kage can help me change that. I started to loose interest in the game so I started helping smaller/new alliance get a better start but its time to get back to my own level. I always use all war hits but because of real life I sometimes have to use all 6 in the second half. I would say %95 of my titans flags are used.

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We are an Alliance built on teamwork to progress. we take down titans fast as possible (we all work and only have players 18+) but we do our best in wars and any events thats gonna help us to progress our characters as fast as possible. we use line and messenger to discuss rosters and to awards winnings for inhouse events. Give us a shout if interested, we have a recruitment add in the alliance recruitment section. The Untouchablez. just went through a rebuild to remove unacceptable toxicity but are makeing sure we get the right players for the long haul this time. hope you find what you are looking for and thnx for your time

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Feel free to join Crew-Saders,


We just fought a war against the titan apocalypse. They were active and victorious. I said I’d be be happy to give them a good reference!



@Chris30osu yup :+1:

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Lucy’s Kitchen

We have 3 spots open. Lucy’s Kitchen is an international, well established, and warm alliance. We have very well organized war by our devoted generals (if you like the war, you will love here with new experience). We are fighting 10-12* titans. This alliance consists of a good balance of players - f2p, c2p and p2p. I would really like to recommend you to join us if you are looking for a nice home. Find me - Titee.

3600 TP is preferred. Use at least 4 flags on the Titan and use all war flags. :slight_smile:

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rigs finally made into he top 20 bro im coming up :slight_smile: unfortunately i did have to go 3-2 a couple of fights to get there i ran into three graves twice lol.

but i rainbowed my way to 72 before i had to switch to 2 2 1 and 3 2.

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Good job!!

Impressive on the rainbow raiding! I do it sometimes and do it pretty well i think but never attempted the top 100 with it

thnx man i made it to number 7 just couldnt get higher without a loss but i went 2 2 1 to get there 3 -2 was making me lose every other fight after i made top 20 so switched to 2 2 1 there. :slight_smile:


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Crazy, 3-2 is my bread n butter but could possibly be due to the team synergies i have available which your roster may be different than mine so 2-2-1 may be better suited for you

Nice job #7 though, had to be tough not pushin for #hero-madness-2019
Anytime i get in the top 10, i feel like i gotta go for that top spot lol but I’m weird

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Am I the ONLY player that does Rainbow raids?! I got over 3k going Rainbow

i will try rainbow when my roster grows bjt for where i am in leveling and the amount i have spent compared tonwhat i here others spending im satisfied xause hard work got me this far. i tried for number 1 but rannour of raid energy and my defense team got backhanded immediately of course lol.

@Chris30osu you more than welcome to come check us out. We are a fun serious group that works well together. We use the discord app to talk to each other during war and to discuss hero’s and just to chat.


Thanks @princess1

@Chris30osu. We still have a spot available. Here’s a link to a recent add. Plus an update - just won another war :wink:

Become part of the apocalypse


Chris, Forgotten Unity is looking to add to our ranks. We have a training branch as well, Forgotten Underdogs, if you decide you would want to do some training again.

Muddied Undies is looking for active players to help us grow! We would love to have your help with wars and titans! We’re also a relatively new group and our members would love an advanced player to pass along any tips and tricks! Thanks!

If you are still looking, consider Zero the fallen horde.

ZERO is an alliance family of 7 alliances, playing on different levels. Common line group across all alliances for sharing advices and fun. Friendly and supportive atmosphere. Lot of experienced players, good place to learn…

Zero the fallen horde is active, chatty group. Hit up the leader on line, id southernchefbelle if interested.


Probably too late but my alliance is easy going and you’d be a great addition. Let me know.

The Dork Squad Elite is looking to move to the next level and it sounds like you could be a huge help in that. Any questions my Lineid is: lzm73

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