Looking for a new place to call home

So here is the situation. I’m looking for a new place to call home. First and foremost is the team needs to be accepting of my very unusual and perverted sense of humor. My conversation topics range from 70s disco wear to doing cosplay in furry costumes for the discerning website viewers as a way to earn extra cash for pulls. Now neither of these are my own experiences but my conversations really go towards weirdness to make people laugh and not hate the monotony of this game as much.

Onto the important game related stuff. I’m looking for a team who is geared towards 4k and above players who might find me useful based on the below info about my capabilities and roster.

9-11* titans have been my working range. I’m not much for titan items like harpoons but will use if needed on rares. I usually do 100k-250k per titan damage depending on boards and if Wu feels like hitting something on the attacks (thats on mainly 9/10* titans).

I can work with any war strategy or tank color but i do not have telly so if thats a requirement then no go. I run 5 mono war teams at 3875-4075 and a 6th team at 3750 for cleanups. Team 6 keeps improving as i max 5* for the mono teams to replace 4* currently on them.

I am a c2p and usually just pick up the cheapie gem deals so my overall roster improvements will be minimal based on limited pulls but will increase with emblems and troop leveling.

Roster is as follows -

5* - 11 maxed, 1 more on final ascension & 6 more @ 3.70 waiting for mats or better ascension choices of the color (choose between Elena, noor or wait type of decisions).
4* - 40 maxed and 2 purple at 3.60
3* - all 40 of them i got are maxed.

I only have 1 hero I’m currently maxing then my roster of 100 is maxed until i get new heroes or mats.

I have level 11 mana troops of every color except green which I just pulled 2 4* criticals in the last 2 months.

So in summary - I do 3+ titan hits on every titan unless its a pass, then the normal 1 hit for loot is done. I haven’t had a war where I have not used all 6 flags since i started wars last fall so I’m as reliable for all flags used as you will find. I was mainly a tank buster in my previous alliance but will do whatever roll I’m needed for. I have no issues busting 5 4500+ teams for the benefit of the teams score over my personal score or doing 6 cleanups. Whatever helps the team.

Final thoughts - I currently only use line so if you are discord only I’ll have to install that and I have a really stupid game name so you are stuck with it :slight_smile:

Please note I’m really not into a helping our team grow situation right now. Did that for nearly the last year and I want a stable mid-higher end team to join with a vast majority of players able to field 4k+ war defense or at least near my stat levels or above. It sounds picky but wars with 2500-4500 TP ranges are just not my thing anymore.

Relevant roster images below -

Tell me why you think your team would be a good fit for me and I’ll make a decision after the midweek war. Thanks for reading the wall of text :slight_smile:


Hey Necromancer. You look like a good fit in a number of Crew alliances: Raiders, Jesters, Barons, Sapphires, and Rogues.

There are plenty of weird a** conversations going on in family chat (Line) so I imagine the individual alliances get even weirder.

You might reach out to @Math4lyfe @Rigs @HeathenHammer @ffphier @mpolo or a number of others.
All have active recrewting threads here too if you want to preview.


Forsaken Oasis may be a good fit for you. High level, active players with friendly, chatty members and excellent leadership. All members must field a 4300 team for war or opt out until ready. Wars are well-coordinated with lots of chatter.

Titans are capped at 10 but we’ll fight rare 11s. Mercing is allowed to use up your extra flags.

Lots of former top players and former leaders now call Forsaken Oasis home. Everyone knows what’s expected and in the several months I’ve been with them, not one war flag has been left.

Our leader can be contacted at Demonra9

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Hello my fellow perverted furry wearing costume soul mate…where have you been all my life… I’m the Star of the SHOP FAMILY. I’m loved and worshipped by all…at least my delusions and hundred personalities tell me so. The Shops have other personalities and animals too from all over so it can be a a party of craziness almost 24/7 unless we are at are RL jobs or sleeping.1595447651882


One Stop Titan Shop might be the home you are looking for! Adult chat, hitting big Titans, great war strategy and a warped sense of humor is not only appreciated… It’s encouraged!


@Necromancer2k8 line me :wink:

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Mine I tell you…back off poo…please don’t take my soul mate or at least the soul mate of one of my personalities…lol
Don’t care if you tried to poach him first.
Good luck and may the poo be with you


Would love to give you a home at ☆ GONE ROGUE ☆. We are just under 3 week old alliance. But all experienced players. Currently fighting 10 * Titan. We currently have 1 spot open. Fun and chatty alliance

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Probably Going to Win has space for one and you could be a great fit.

We are a global group of ADULTS who like to have a laugh while winning XD

As for your requirements for an alliance we are a competitive minded group who have a war strategy and Line group chat for external communication, most members are in there but a few don’t use line and only chat in game. We’re an ever growing and learning mid-range alliance angling to climb the ladder.

Currently taking down 11/12* Titans - we require everyone to hit all titans and demote for a zero, repeat zeros can result in a kick. On a pass one hit is wanted to avoid the zero (seems in line with yiut titan approach described)

Many of our warriors have Telli but not all do, and that’s just RNG life. Regarding 4k war defence of our 29 in war this war 4 are in the 3750-3999k range everyone else above 4k.
If you need to opt out of a war once in awhile because life gets in the way it’s acceptable but war and Line are strongly encouraged.


But when full we’ve been top1000 lately… This was just before we had to kick someone resulting in the open slot:

Most of our members range level 45-60 outliers at level 43 and top end level 75. You shouldn’t have to feel like you’re carrying the team with us we have a handful of regular cleaners and the other end who know they can handle top end scary targets too.

Our group chats can certainly get weird at times and span a wide variety of topics…

Interested? Give us a lookieloo if you think you might be a good fit, but don’t wait too long, the war ends and we’ll be out to fill the spot in no time flat XD
Feels good to be full up!

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A second plug for Crew, especially Crew-Raiders. If interested, feel free to reach out to SBT in line (my game name is Splendid Bigtits). We definitely have that perverse and diverse range of humor and conversation that you are looking for.


As @PooFlingerJr says, we’ve got a spot in Barons. We are facing 12* titans (occasionally drop to 11 or jump to 13, of course). We have been active in war strategizing. The central Crew chats would certainly cover the need for weird conversations (our Barons Line group is relatively quiet, with more chat in-game). We are (last time I checked, which was before an opt-out of war for vacation) a top-300 alliance at the moment, and hoping to grow farther.

War is required if opted in, and we prefer that as many as possible participate. We want everyone to score about 100k or more on Titans, 150 or more on wars. (Not hard requirements, though.) Currently running green tanks.


With so many invitations to join, when you’ve found a new home, tag a moderator to close your thread. Otherwise, you’ll continue to be inundated with requests. Unless… This was the plan all along :crazy_face: - in which case I’ll take my leave.

GL in your decision making :smile:


I’ll be taking a look at teams and contacting a few people in the next day or 2 with any questions I have. I’m at 21/25 on war chest so I do want to finish that off before I depart my 1 person alliance.

Thanks to all for the replies and offers so far. As soon as I got the new home I’ll let the mods know to close this sucker up.

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I don’t envy your decision…lots of offers from some great teams…what ever your choice is don’t forget me…the STAR of stars…the soulmate…lol
Good luck


You would be a great addition to “2gether we’ll win”. We are active and mostly chatty. We started our 1st 6 wars with 0 war flags left unused. We are helpful. We coordinate tanks and have a war strategy. We are on 8-9 star titans and took down a rare 10 star yellow when we were full. If you have additional questions, please line me at backwardzz. Thanks.

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My opinion is that a lot of alliances would be proud to have you on board. Good luck. Getting recruited is a skill in itself.

Hi, we would be honored if you check out our alliance. I think you would be a great fit. Our war chest just started. Your humor will fit right in! We have a fun bunch of mature players. :smiley:

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Rohns war zone… We are killing 9-10* titans, using 2nd tier harpoons NOT MANDATORY to use. We want 100% war flags used, or opt out… We are exactly what you asked for You will fit into a A-B range on titans I would say. We all run same color tanks. You hit who you want in the wars. If you want to look around just let me know I will move my alt out for you.

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Necro! Come check us out. We’re a fun ally that likes to compete & win, but we’re not over the top. We have a good mix of p2p, c2p & f2p. Our expectations are simple play regularly & use your flags…tho who wouldn’t want to, right? Anyhoo, come by for a visit, say hello & meet the gang, I think you’ll find we check off all the boxes on your list.

Assassins Inc

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We are a multinational alliance and a nice place to call home! Familists and kind people you will find here! You’ll be surrounded by friends and will have a good time being together! We wait for you!:hugs::hugs:


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