Looking for a new home!


Hey everyone, me and a few buddies have decided to look for a new alliance to join.

2550 cups - TP 4182
2200 cups - TP 3742
2000 cups - TP 3618
1070 cups - TP 2833
670 cups - TP 2200

Were an active bunch who wants to join an already established alliance. We use all our flags for war and usually get 3-6 hits on titans.

Prefer 8*+ Titans and a chatty laid back atmosphere. The two lower guys are newer to the game but are dedicated to growing and already have a few 5* heroes.

HMU if we sound like a good fit. Thanks


Hey, we are searching for new members.
But we are a german Group. You can add me in line. Then we can Talk there.
Line ID monleydma


Our alliance sounds like it could be a really good fit. We are looking for teammates that are working to grow their team and will use all their flags in war. We’ve had a few long time teammates move on recently due to game fatigue and have openings.

We are currently hitting 10 star titans. Are the two lower guys actively trying to grow their teams and if so, will they be okay getting some low scores against tough titans and handling cleanup in war?

If so, we’d love to have you join the Northern Vikings -

We are long time established alliance with a great core of people, we have fun and are looking for like minded people to fill out our alliance. Being reliable and part of the team is more important to us than bringing the strongest bench of heroes to the alliance. Let me know if you’d like to chat - we use discord… Or if interested, we’ll need to work you to temporarily adjust cup requirements to all can join.

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The Titan Lord’s Wrath would be happy to have you. We are currently renovating, but it when we’re done, it will be a cosy home :wink: With your support, 8* titans would be daily target for us. As this would be almost like a merger, your group leader will be promoted to co-leader as soon as you join and elder positions will be granted to the two 3500+ TP teams. Here’s the situation current of our top teams.

Look us up if you find us worthy, you won’t regret it.

P.S. the kicks were for low level players unannounced inactivity. As we opened the alliance for new blood, I have to do that from time to time…


I second the nod to Northern Vikings. We’re a fun group and have all levels. Give us a look.

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SmackAttack 2018 … we are not a 8* Titan yet but we are close that being said we need active players to help us grow stronger … open group please check us out… thank you


We will change the trophies for you to keep your team together. Just let us know.


Well, if the forum participation doesn’t pique your interest in NORTHERN VIKINGS, I’m not quite sure what would. We got a solid core and would love to have you guys merge with us.

Only question is…do you like waffles?


Forest fighters come on over


Here’s our discord if interested:


Cream of the Crop would love to have yous in our alliance.


Hi Rake Jay. You guys are welcome to join us at We Are Scars. I think you guys will fit right in. We hit Titans and Fight in wars. Level 6-7 atm. Everyone is laid back, Chatty- a friendly bunch. We use line (preferred but NOT REQUIRED) If you have line you can message me at Prickly Pear. We hope to hear from you and have a great day.


We earn our scars…Crazy Auto Correct :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Give game over a shot!
We are a laid back bunch that poke fun of each other while we kick titan ■■■ and in war. Mostly 8-9* titans with the occasional 10. We have a discord server but no requirement to join.
We have a lot of experience that the new guys can benefit from and help them grow


We’ll take ya in Crew, Knights and Rogues both have openings currently. Knights if you don’t want to be split up

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Come check us out! We like to have fun and win. Taking on 7* and 8* titans, we can easily make it 9* once we get more members. We like to goof around. Changed our language so we can swear.


Ahhh looks like I am a little late to the party ! haha
If you haven’t decided just yet then come check out my alliance Man go Loco !
We are an active group and generally jump between 8-9* titans. We have a high participation in wars and dedicated players.


PS. Currently have 7 spots available in the alliance.


Singh Khalsa 70k alliance looking for 800+ trophy members to participate in all wars with 6 flags and 6-8* titan battles. Join us and Grow with us!

Have up to 8 spots all members over Lv 20. Did some housekeeping and got deadweight out.


I have started an alliance with my alternative

The Evil Realm 28 spots available
Dagawa Is leader