Looking for a new high level alliance. I’m lvl 73

I’ve been with the same alliance for 3 years. It’s basically dead with non serious players. I have 6 full teams of fully leveled 5* heros and many maxed on emblems. I fully participate in all wars and attack all titans. Looking for a more competitive alliance. I spend a few bucks every month but not an over spender. Let me know who has an opening.

English speaking only alliance please.

Please only respond if your alliance fits this criteria. No offense but I don’t want to be the top member in your alliance killing 8* titans for you.

Thanks in advance!


You are about to be inundated with offers lol, I hope you find a great new home.

The Incognitos are currently full, but feel free to get in touch if you would like to join the wait list

There are many great alliances who would be happy to add you to their ranks, good luck!

Edit: We just had a space open up, due to someone quitting the game.


Feel free to join kiss-MY-axe if you want. We’re always open to new players.

Hey @Ryflyguy !
Invictus Resurrection currently have one opening - fighting 13-14* titans - all war flags used - not uber serious but definitely competitive - long term team members create a great atmosphere - Discord used for guides/communication - feel free to drop by and see what you think :slight_smile:

Hey mate, come check us out at Phoenix Empire!

Currently ranked #38 alliance. 14* titans and all flags used.
We are a family of 5 alliances with a huge support network.

Hit me up on line: muaddib-on-line

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One spot open, contact me in Line at david_kick, we are a top 100 alliance when full.


Join Crew-Mates instead. 8 spots open. :wink:

Hi, @Ryflyguy. The Padawans has 3 openings right now. We’re not exactly competitive, perhaps, more serious-casual?

We usually hit 10 & 11* titans. Half our folks are from the US, with a large UK contingent, plus Europeans and me. The core bunch has been together for over 2 years.

We currently use green tanks for war, and are in the middle of our annual re-assessment.

We have a Discord channel but membership is not compulsory. Our rule is to use all flags in war if you opt in, but we do understand that real life happens. Just let the leadership know of any issues.

Hello. If you are still looking for a good fit check us out.
We are 14☆ titans all the time and using war simple strategy.
U can also reach me on line if have more questions.

:arrow_down: :arrow_down: Link of our recruiting post


Hi, Gargantua has 1 free slot if you want to join:) Our alliance isn’t a top alliance, we’re fighting 10-12* titans, but we’re an active, supportive bunch. Join us if you’re interested or you can contact me in Line. ID: elathys

The Gay Peaches have three spots currently open. You can check out our “Peachy Rules” over on Gay Peaches looking for a new Peach! - #2 by Jamias

International fight club has spots available. See their recent recruitment post.

Come check us out

We have one spot open right now. And we are currently killing 12*-13* titans. Let me know if your are interested

Yo @Ryflyguy

We hitting 12* titans war optional if in war all flags must be used. Titan is a must. We have a line chat group that you can join.
We are English speaking but other players know different languages as well. @ me if your interested.

If you meet the criteria, and like the idea of capped membership and capped titans (use your mats elsewhere for basically the same loot drops), check out Ascendancy, and line Tsataya. You wouldn’t believe our war record if I told you - smaller alliances typically never consist of strictly high level players

@DBC was so right.

One of our long term members has just left… The E&P grind claims another Be well @Vikingblood80 :sweat: . We’re all in a state of shock. The Incognitos are all active daily players, and just really good people.

They’ve been chaining 14* titans for over a year and keep a record of the hardest titan hits. Could you add your name?!




Currently one opening on Lords of The North 2. We kill all 10*, most 11* and all rare. We require titan hits and war flag usage. That said, we’re chill, adults and basically a family. We have 1 open spot.

We have a full year of war and Titan data, a subreddit for our alliance and a stable group of leadership at the top.

Hit us up!



I am the leader of The Locker, an international alliance that is closing in on our 2 year anniversary and some of us have been together for more than 3 years.

We normally take down 10/11* titans but currently on 9* due to personnel loss. We require daily titan hits, no minimum number but must contribute. Real life and speed of kill is taken into consideration when zeroes happen.

Wars are optional but flag usage is mandatory, exceptions to this is far and few in between. We do use a simple but flexible, time zone friendly strategy. And currently running rotating tanks.

Would love to have you come and give us a try. If you have any questions you can hit me up via Line at wolfwarrior66 or respond here.

Hope to see you in The Locker soon.