Looking for a new alliance!

1776 MAGA has spots available. We would love for you to join and see if it is the right place for you.
In spite of the name, we are not a political group. We take down 7 and 8* titans and working on 9. War participation is not required as long as you opt out. We require you hit the titan, but if you miss one it’s not the end. We have members from level 26ish - 54. We also use discord to share information

Hey there!! My alliance is very social but most talk is about the game, strategies for war, titans, and leveling heroes, etc. our team has been together a while and we def are looking for new and seasoned players. Especially ppl that want to grow; they’re hard to find. My alliance is BeautiesNBeasts. Excellent group of players. Please come a check us out :wink:

Moderator please close thread. We have dissolved this alliance.

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