Looking for a new alliance now


Hey there, currently an alliance leader but I’m looking to move on to hit bigger titans etc

I currently hit all titand compete in wars etc average around 2000 cups, TP is about 3350 atm want to be hitting titans above 7*


There are lots of alliances out there who need an active player. You can choose.

Try our Titan Smash for instance. :slight_smile:


I’ve had a look. Very interested. I won’t be leaving my current alliance till after the war that’s going on. But if you still have space after that I’d be interested.


Interested to join our Alliance? We are very active team and looking for active members to grow as a team!
Here’s the link for your reference. Oh we are international team as well. Most are in US zone so if you have any question feel free to contact me or my leader. she’s great and friendly too. we are growing steadily and a friendly alliance that you wont regret after joining us. :slight_smile:


Game over is always looking for active players. We are regularly fighting 8 and 9* titans


Magnificent Bastards has 1 opening. Discord chat, 8* and 9* titans, and a great group of players


Hi if you are interested check out “The MVP”. We are currently taking down 10* titans with 26 members.


You are welcome to join our training alliance “the bunny pit”, they are on 7* titans I think.
If you are as active as you say and grow a little more (we ask for 3500 tp), you can step up to our main alliance “Down the rabbit hole…” when we have a spot available. We are on 10 and 11* titans and usually around rank 150 on the leaderboard (stepped in top 100 once).


I think you are already interested in SuuroKoira’s alliance (second post). If you change your mind, and don’t mind a bit of a step up from 7*’s, Misfit Toys is looking for new toys. Check us out!

MISFIT TOYS is currently [OPEN]!


Super Titan Warriors 2 is currently looking.

We are fighting 7 and 8* Titans right now, with projections looking at us possibly getting into 9* sometime in the next month. We make sure to set minimum target rates when attacking Titans, and we also keep track of performance statistics on each one.

Alliance Wars we require the absolute most teamwork. Most everybody looks for someone else to tag up with before attacking to ensure that we are getting the most we can out of our flags. We discourage anyone from playing loan ranger.

Activity/Participation is monitored. Anybody who misses three events in a week are subjected to dismissal. If you know you are going to miss any event, proper notification makes you exempt from this.

Line is strongly recommend to have as our communcation heavily relies on it.

We always provide each other with guidance when it comes to the game wether it be getting the most out of our lineups/teams, how to attack or what hero’s to work on lvling up.

If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message.


It sounds like my alliance, the Walkers, would be a great fit for you. I’ve really enjoyed my time there so far, great group of people. We hit 8* and 9* titans, and have won all 4 of our wars since the war chests have been a thing. The Walkers. <<<< search to join alliance, 20/25 on war chest, 1 openings, 1600 cups


We are a 5 Team Alliance, so there is room to grow within the alliance. Also, we have a trainer team…ZEROS GATEKEEPER.

Main team is ZERO.