Looking for a new alliance - Active player


Hi saraivix

We would love to have you, check my post for more info.

Space Monkeys,

-PePe (L)


Can’t seem to find your alliance. Searched for it but didn’t show


i will present another option, in case you are still looking. A good bunch of guys and gals that talk and give advice. Six star titans at this point.

Titan AssKickers


I will also present an option monkey island z fighters part of a strong 5 alliance stable that we move around and go from 10 to 4* titans depending on level. Our one is second in line fr9k us you can go beyond the usual rare titans.


Sorry bro. We recently changed name. It‘s ~Xvoid~ now. We have 10* Gryphon at the moment. It‘s a fkn tough beast and costed way more than 10 flasks for now. But it will die soon.


What level are u? House of Chaos is what u might need


Looked you up and seems like a strong bunch and a good team to evolve.

How can i get in touch with you ?? LINE ??

Look me up… saraivix


If you haven’t found alliance, please consider one of the Grimnir family of alliances. Triumph of Grimnir is fighting 6* right now.
Spear of Grimnir is fighting 8* right now.
Vengeance of Grimnir is fighting 10 and 11* titans now. We use Line app to have fun with each other and communicate with each other to build our skills. If you’re interested pleas contact me at the1monie on the Line App. We would love to have you



9* titans
22-7 Alliance War results

But by far the best thing about us is the players we have, really good bunch from all around the world. Great support from older/beta players, but also newer guys who appreciate advice from experienced guys. Some good banter too.


Hello, I’ve just joined the Oracles of the raven and I really enjoy this group! Very active, lots of communication and fun. We are just missing a couple of active players. Give us a visit… All the best!



are you portuguese/brasilian? if you are i got a proposition for you :stuck_out_tongue:


Darkside Hunters. Search us in alliance and send join request- we are open!


@saraivix please join Palace X just come on in trophies are set at 1200. Send a request and come on in. We a international group that are hitting 9* titans. Just say that dragongirl told you to come on in


As Merritt stated above, the Olympians is a great Alliance. I made the change several months back to them and it was my best decision yet in this game. Great group, very friendly and laid back, with a couple top players with Beta access. We would very much welcome another player of your caliber to help us take our alliance to the next tier.


Close this pls @Rook he is our member for days…