Looking for a new alliance - 9-7-19

Actually lets make this super easy



You still looking for a new home?

Please take a look at Genesis Uprising

Questions? LINE :email: reqm

Thanks for the kind words!

This is what I get for quick checking while working. Missed this completely. You sir madame or other rock ty

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Would you be interested in us? Perhaps becoming our Alliance War Strategy Coordinator?

Helios is surging presently. I am about to boot someone for insufficient war activity (opted in, missed several flags)

Hit me up on Line justf#ckenpeachy (# equals U)

Hi jrock my name is Reaper and I’m the leader of an alliance called coffee and donuts. We are currently killing 7 and 8* titans. We are looking to grow and strengthen our group all the time. Sounds like your pretty frustrated I understand. I didn’t start in this alliance but they have grown on me. We use line app to communicate during wars and share info. If your interested come on down and check us out at Coffee and Donuts

Raging Nerd Hounds. Exactly what you are looking for in strength and activity and competition.

We are aiming to be Top 100.

One spot open. Come claim it!

Discord: Modern_Thinker#4989
Line: modernthinker

Check out Global Titan Slayers. Great group from everywhere…710 Alliance and wanting to move up! 10-12 star titans!

Im sorry. You other alliances probably dont realize this but all recruits are mine. I called dibs.

Also I licked them. <.<


And his cootie shot may be expired.


If you haven’t decided on joining the crew family (they really are a great bunch of people - though careful about those cooties :rofl: ), you could try the Protector Initiative they are an awesome group. Hitting 12* titans and getting ready for 13*&14* titans.
They have an outstanding Alliance War success rate too.

Good luck in your decision making.


I wear my cootinanny anti cootie collar most days.

Most days.


If you’re still looking for a new home, come be our buddy. We are the Thunder Buddies & would love to have a strong player like yourself. We are currently a smaller alliance & want to become bigger & we could use your help. Check us out in the alliances of the game & I hope you’ll be a new buddy for us!

Empires & Puzzles Community Forum

East of the equator

Alliance Recruitment

East of the equator

Alliance Recruitment






East of the Equator:

  • 2000 cups entry
  • Fun & Socially Competitive
  • Established alliance with Accomplished players
  • Yet still warm & welcoming, a truly awesome group of people!
  • International: :earth_americas: Spanning the globe from Canada to Australia :earth_asia:
  • :100: % Participation in Titan hitting & Wars (We don’t just claim it, we actually do it!)
  • 11* & 12* Titans
  • Adults only
  • Discord a must (as a bonus we have an very extensive resource library on our Discord! All the info you need to improve your game play in one spot!)

Sound like the right place for you? Drop by our Discord Server (just click on the link below or enter the web address in any web browser) for a chat to see if we are a good fit for each other! (no one wants to waste good gaming time joining the wrong team!)

:earth_asia: https://discord.gg/Mk5sDAR


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We have one opening, just one

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Rentur — their last post was 6 months ago.



Knock knock
Who’s there
East of the equator
East of the equator who
One of the best alliance around these opportunities don’t come by often so come knock on our door for a friendly hello and see what we are all about


This is the first time Lijakwe692 has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!



The best clan there is indeed! An international group from Canada to the US, Australia and even the Marshall Islands!! I bet you don’t hear that aften huh? hehe! Very friendly group of people with a lot of game experience. We are active players with 100% participation in war and are kick **s titan slayers. The Leadership is top notch who are organized, always answer questions and are very understanding when real life happens. East of the Equator rocks! So come check us out!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen bloomfieldjp — their last post was 6 months ago.



Bump … apply within



Yeah, I’m here too. Come play with us!



We rarely have spots open. Come join us!



Bump bump bump

Apply within

It’s been a while since we’ve seen mathew — their last post was 1 year ago.



Don’t worry guys and come and join to us

This is the first time Demise has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!



It’s a great group of people!

This is the first time Quinine has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!



Yeah we are a pretty chilled bunch, until it’s time for war or titan slaying. A few of us have been playing together for a fairly long while, and every now & then there’s an opening for someone new & awesome. Are you that new & awesome person? You’ll have to come over to discord to find out.



Only one spot left on this awesome team

Hi @Jrock7, if you have found a place to call home you can request one of the community moderators to close this thread, otherwise you will continue to get offers indefinitely. :slight_smile:

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