Looking for a Merger - THE BEACONS ARE LIT!

Hey Dayman1, you should come check out The Uprising. We are currently at 19/30 hitting 9/10* titans. Very active group. Family of alliances of about 50 people. My line id is hubter if you’d like to chat.

@Dayman1 If you’re still looking and willing to move, you can bring your crew over to The Ironclad. We have room enough for everyone, RL and frustration with game mechanics has been dwindling our numbers. Hit me up if interested or come take a look for yourself

Is flo invited?



Lit Beacons,

Ally search Aggravated. Building big and strong! Find a home for everyone of your team members regardless of skill or level.

All ally’s in the Aggravated family lead with autonomy with a common goal in common. Joint Aggravated Line chatroom for the entire “family” to socialize amd strategize!

I would love to have Flo back. He’s vibes are missed here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I think one of our members are still traumatized

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