Looking for a merger new Alliance

Hey guys.

Currently we started a new Alliance with 6 active members. We typically stay on 11 and 12 star titans, win more wars than we lose, and are generally fun, friendly, and active.

We are looking for another Alliance to merge with us, so we can move up faster.

If interested, please reply here or contact me on Line or what’s app.

Line ID: knutmeg
Line ID: bunit757
Line ID: Wingnut1991

Or whats app +27643507671

You might want to check out these recent posts from alliances that have expressed interest in merges:


Yeah the Murderous A$$Beater$ is a merge of my alliance, and another war team we had a great battle with. We were (M3) Murderous Three and they were A$$Beater$ Express. I let them choose the name as long as I got to be the leader still. We all agreed. Couldnt be happier. Good people and fun. Been 100 days since merge and we went from average 5* titans to 8/9* titans. Winning more wars than losing too. Still 10 spots over here.

We have room if you all want to join us. Legendary Daggers III line @toddq36 you would all fit in nicely.

Denwen we have 3 alliances right now, main is One Stop Titan Shop currently at 12* but we were at 14* before we lost a few. We have 8 spots open there. We have paradox at 10 and 11* with a few spots, and the chop shop training alliance. We’d love to have you guys so we can get back to 14’s.

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My line ID is littlemouse2468 if you want to chat

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I’d recommend this one personally

Denwen Phoenix Ascended is interested in a friendly merger. We will negotiate terms of leadership. We want to the smaller team to make the move, but we will accommodate your leader’s vision.

We are an international alliance. 80% of our members have 2k+ cups. We have 20 members.

Check us out. If you like what you see, contact me. My Line I’D is winkalet.

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You see the thing is we been in teams that top 100, and if u keep losing war you need to try different things that work, and we got 1 we win 95 % off war ,and no 1 want to hear up, so we started this new crew the leaders have been playing with each for a yr not together now, and will like for ul to join us and see how we run thing , we got 3 ppl that 1 hit titan 11 or 12 star 100k at a time, and we like to teach ul just in ul have the move to us ,we will made ul co leaders too.but my leader keeps that, look we not the best now but with the right team we want top we been there b4

Join us and and see if ul like it leave if u dont, we want yl to like us take that step and make the move, and let what works for us we where to 300 team, 1 shot titan 110k just 1 shot 12 and 13 star titans take down.

] New Alliance looking for active, experienced players! 3800+tp and 1800+ cups! Titans, war, and communication will be required.
Line ID:]knutmeg
We been in top300 we know what it take to get there join us see if ul like not than ul can leave.
]New Alliance looking for active, experienced players! 3800+tp and 1800+ cups Titans, war, and communication will be required.
Line ID: knutmeg

have u have any takers??


Deneen, we happen to have 6 spots available in our ally today. Check us out.

Line id: ballroomblitzkelly

Closed per request of OP via flag.

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