Looking for a home - LVL 14

Hey Shell I’m on LV 14 but currently don’t have the trophies you’re looking for for me to join. I started playing a few days ago and I’m looking to join an alliance that is active and that I can learn from. If you’ve an interest in me to join just let me know.

@Jagermisses , if @Shell doesn’t want you, Phoenix Song will happily take you. I was interested in a merger between Phoenix Song and Fragles Phoenix, but we have too many people.

@MichelleM how many people do you have in your alliance? We might be able to figure something out.

@Jagermisses what is you cup level? And are you an active member?

@Shell 493 cups so far I’m active as much as I can be. Especially with the quarantine here in Ireland I’m active a lot.


@Jagermisses when you ready, let me know and I will lower the cup level to join. I will like your response when I’ve lowered the cuo level so you can join. :slight_smile:

@shell I’m ready now

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@Jagermisses the cups have been lowered to 400 so you can join. :slight_smile:

@Jagermisses the setting is set now to invite only, but this just means you need to request to join. As soon as I see it come thru I will approve it. I can’t leave it at 400 and open for too long. Just didn’t want that to be a surprise for you.

It’s ok I just requested. Thanks very much Shell

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