Looking for a good Alliance

Looking for a good alliance were everyone participates

Could you be a bit more specific? About yourself and about the kind of team you’re looking for. For the recruiters to know if you fit their alliance or not.


Legion Titanes Ibericos. We’re strict in the habitual rules, 0 flags in war or uncheck it & attack TT, nothing else. For the rest, we help you if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Hi Vito!

Edge of Chaos is a friendly bunch of daily active players – Looking for like-minded folks to join us and help grow this alliance to the top ranks!

A bit about us…
Some of us were together in a couple of larger alliances earlier… we got tired of people not pulling their weight… too many escaped titans and missed war hits. Felt like just a few of us were carrying the alliance on our shoulders. Sounds familiar?

So we formed our own crew – where everyone puts their best foot forward!

We want to win … and we want to grow !!

Our asks are pretty basic…

If you see a titan that’s still breathing – beat the living daylights out of it!
Participating in titan hits is mandatory… after all growing on titans is the best way to grow in this game!!

If you’re opted in for wars, use up all your flags
We rotate tank colors, and use simple war strategies for now

Most important – have loads of fun while you’re at it!! :grinning:

If such an alliance interests you, join us for the ride and see for yourself how much fun it is to live life at the….


Check out earlier threads you created @Vito342 … Asking the same question. Lots of forum users responded there too :thinking:

In my E&P experience, there are many, many alliances that have 100% participation. Perhaps, have you considered starting your own alliance :person_shrugging:


Hi @Vito342 visit ROR

If you met the requirements and are interested to join the 7 Days family contact @littleKAF here on the forum, he is the head recruiter for all Seven Days alliances.
There might be a slot for a temporary with Uprising. You can contact our leader Kronos via line.
His line id is kronos_niks.

Happy gaming


Hi, we are a family of three alliances, check if any of them matches your roster or what you’re looking for…

Sherwood Rogues [SWR]

Alliance ranking: In and out of Top 100

Members: current 27/30

Defense minimum: 4800

Titans: continuous 14*

Troop recommendation: level 23+ mana, all colors

Expected 25-30 max 5*+


Sherwood Rangers -[SWR]

Alliance ranking: Top 1k

Members: 26/30

Defense min: 4400

Titans: 12-14*

Expected 30 max 4-5*+


Chillin Rogues [SWR]

Good place to either chill or grow. Friendly with wide resource base.

Hit the titan when on, must use all war flags if opted in.


Good luck with your search!

Try Forsaken Ones!!! Don’t know your conditions but you can come and check us… maybe you’ll stay

You can visit us @ Impossible Krazy Kats, and you for yourself, were a bunch of crazy cats that love to hit the titan and use all war flags.

I am level 71 and have both offensive and defensive team of about 4800. I consistently used all my hits on the Titan and in the wars. I’m tired of being in an alliance we’re only half of the members attacked the Titan

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send me ur team pics n troops on line supreme514, co n leader of Blodd Brigade

That’s much better… I’d offer you a spot with the Ithilien Alliance but we’re suffering the same type of problem as your ex alliance. Good luck finding a good match. Anyway you’re welcome to visit us any time, we have three openings for the time being.

Kind of a dramatic ending there but I’ll check you out

If you’re still looking check out The Fire Storm HS1 - it sounds like we’d be a good fit for you. I’m enpbalinor on Line if you want to connect that way.

Family of 5 alliances has a place fir you
Just hit the link below , it brings you to our welcome channel

Check us out if you still need alliance.
Crew Knights
We have 1 spot free

check our family out: Ascendant Family
we have multiple alliances for different level players or different types of players, ranging from casual to strict:

  • Ascendant Universe
  • Ascendant Rising
  • Ascendant Immortals
  • Ascendant Blinks (my home)
  • Ascendant Slayers
  • Ascendant Super Squad
  • Ascendant Cookies Horde

we have something for everyone.
line is optional but not mandatory

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Komm zu uns zu Fröhliche Chaoten