Looking for a fun, active but friendly and relaxed, knowledgeable alliance? East of the Equator wants YOU!

Good reno! How about you?

We are doing well. You still playing

Elite players wanted on War Disciples alliance. Friendly, easy going, real life come first, only thing we ask is to join war and stay active on titans. Open and no trophies required.

We are still recruiting

Looking for a few more players

Looking for a new player to join us. Come and check us out.
Friendly and supportive teams.

Stringing 14*. Brand new war chest to take part in. two slots left. apply quick! discord.gg/weSmVjyQeK

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An amazing, fun, supportive group! Give them a try if you’re looking for a competitive and knowledgeable alliance!

Friendly, easy going team, real life come first, only thing we ask is to make sure you get in all your hits if you’re joined up for the current war, and stay active on titans.

Hi, I’m a new player level 13 only. Been playing less than a week. Do you take really new players?

I’ve only been with these guys a couple months but great group of drama-free grownups. Pretty good war flag record. Have been chaining 14*s but a bit light on team members atm. Need 7 ppl I believe. Come check us out.

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