Looking for a friendly uk group

LOOKING FOR A UK BASED ALLIANCE. line id is sallou68



Bulldogs Oasis is a UK based alliance with players from both UK and USA

We’re a small but very active alliance

You’re more than welcome to come and visit and maybe join us for the next war and see how you feel

Happy Easter :rabbit:

Does it count if the leader is UK based?!
Check out TBD part Deux

Edit 8 April - Nvm Now full


Hey Sarah, I was just about to say this!

We have people from around the globe.
We’ve capped titans at 12 except rare.
Green tanks except rush is purple.
Friendly, talkative bunch that understand RL

Please check us out!

We not strictly UK but I am and this is a brand new alliance apex_predators.
We slowly growing we on 7* titans in 10 days and we want higher.
Our rules are simple pull yah weight. Hit titan user all war flags. We slowly growing @ me if your interested. We have line chat that you will be added too if you want.

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