Looking for a friendly, not-too-chatty Alliance? Join The Culture!

Hey, we’re not the chattiest group of people in the world, our core is made up of a bunch of players who like the game and just wanted to band together to get all the benefits of being in an Alliance, a kind of play and let play philosophy with no pressure…a sort of unified anarchy? But even though we’re not in a constant stream of chat, doesn’t mean we’re not there to answer all your questions on how to advance in and enjoy the game.

We’re currently going up against 4 and 5-star Titans, but even if you’re new to the game, you’re more than welcome to join (no minimum trophies required).

All we expect is that you participate in Titan battles and Wars (not sure why anyone would join an Alliance if they didn’t want to do that, but just wanted to put that out there). In order to keep things progressing for everyone, we do regular purges of inactive accounts, folks who join with all the best intentions but for one reason or another, stop playing. All you need to do to avoid those, of course, is either consistently attack Titans at whatever level you are at, or let us know that you’ll be temporarily offline for a week or two. Other than that, don’t be a jerk, and that’s it for rules.

Promotion to Elder occurs when you reach and consistently hold 1800 or more trophies and have consistently done your part in Titan battles and Alliance Wars (all of which, to date, we have won).

And in case anyone was wondering, we’ve taken our name from the fictional civilization conceived by the late but incomparable author, Iain M Banks. Technologically and socially-advanced, and just plain cool, we like to think we reflect some of The Culture’s hyper-egalitarian values. 8)

Hope to welcome you soon!


Masaq Hub.