Looking for a fresh start, new alliance

We are a husband and wife team (Korben Dallas and Lilu) and have been in the same alliance for almost 3 years. KD is a Level 78 with 2584 trophies while Lilu is a Level 70 with 2387 trophies. We enjoy playing but the grind of leadership has taken its toll. Players in the alliance are no longer engaged or not growing as a player. We are looking for an Alliance that does NOT require Line or Discord. Nor do we want to ALWAYS play the same tank colour in wars. We like trying different strategies, however. We ALWAYS play our Titan flags (unless life gets in the way, i.e., holidays or spotty wifi) and we ALWAYS play our war flags if we opt in. We tackle most war enemies that are 4500+ and won’t shy away from 4900+ either. Anyone have a home for us? Let’s talk.


Wallflower wall will gladly accept you both.

Quick replies! We’re going to try Seven Day Assassins for now. Hopefully it’s a good fit for us.

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Hello! We just had two spots that open yesterday. I think you might like our group. And even if our titan is a bit low on star, you will find your challenge in war as we often face 4400+ ennemies. Here are more information:

Alliance: Active & Open

  • Members : 28/30
  • Cup Requirement : only 200+
  • Language : English
  • Age : 18+
  • Titans : 8*
  • Inactivity limit is 3 days (unless advised).
  • Discord Server available (no line required).

This is a casual, not performance oriented alliance. We try our best and don’t fret with the results. We are a mixed level international alliance. Most of us came very low level and grow with Active & Open, and we feel it’s important let our alliance open to all levels. Players level range from 20 to 77 with average about 40-50. We are more on the quiet side, so if you like a very active chat room, we are not a good fit for you. That being said, we like to help or answers questions.

Titan is optional but we usually kill most of them. War is mandatory, but you always have to opportunity to opt-out when you can’t make it. Real life will ALWAYS come first. No war strategy or coordinated attack apart from war tank colour. We change colour at the begging of each month so every one can at some point use his/her best tank.

Come check us out!

What is the name of your alliance?

Hi Korben, I think @chadmo and the fine folk at De Raptors may be a good fit for you. They are a good bunch of folks. I spent 15 months with them and thoroughly enjoyed it, just taking a break currently reinvigorating myself. They are good souls though. Chatty, active and keep things fun while still beating the snot out of folk.


Kilt you really are a considerate person. Keep being you!!



Hi @Korben_Dallas !

We don’t have room for 2 right now but I hope you find a wonderful alliance

Hogwarts Castle is a casual guild. Check us out if you get a chance. We would love to have some more members who participate when they can and need to, but know that life comes before a game.

We do use war tanks (currently blue), but switch them from time to time and are open to discussion about other options and strategies. Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

We have a thread somewhere down the forum here a little bit if you want to learn more. We do NOT use communication outside the game, but I do have a Line account (TahoWF) if you wish to discuss anything further outside the forum.

Best of luck and good times to you whatever you decide and wherever you end up.

Magrathea would love to have you both. We are a small alliance trying to rebuild.

Room for the fifth elements right here in Ascendant Immortals. Line not required and all the other stuff you asked for plus some.

Hi Korben,

Please come and give us a try at HamNation. We are trying to replace a couple of people who have recently left the game as well as grow our alliance. We are fairly relaxed, we have Discord, but not all our members choose to use it. We hit titans and do relatively well in wars, with the same rules you have asked for. We currently use purple tanks for war but this is certainly open for discussion. With your relative levels, you will fit nicely in our small alliance and help bolster it.

We already have a husband and wife team, and they choose not to talk much, which is absolutely fine.

Pop by and give us a try.

Kind regards


(Daztardly) in game.

Hi join us at Quest Breakers

Just to say I love the name and I also love the fact you’re trying to rebuild - so appropriate! Good luck with your glorious revival :slight_smile:


Yes let’s talk! Check our members wanted add JAHAR!

@Korben_Dallas Give the Bearcats a look. We have 2 spots, no line/discord. Very laid back life comes first and friendly alliance. Have a great mix of vets and young and hungry members.

Forsaken Ones is waiting for ya!!! We have only 2 spots open!!! So come and check us!!!

Thanks for all of the invitations! We’ve decided to join Active & Open for the time being. We’ll definitely keep this alliances in mind if it doesn’t work out here. :slight_smile:

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I really hope that the first thing Lilu did upon joining was post, “multipass” in the chat.

I hope it all works out…
Just in case I’ll throw in another option …
Kiwi Academy


:ballot_box_with_check: Highest war scorer gets to decide tank colour.

I know this feeling well. Many members are former leaders, now content just to smash titans and war opponents, but also help out new & enthusiastic players too.

Good Luck on your E&P journey.