Looking for a competitive alliance

Hi, i am 80+ level player( 1600 trophy) having not so good hero roster, looking for a competitive english speaking alliance that use all flags against titan and war. I prefer titan upto 12*. In war i would only join an alliance who use the wave strategy. I shall join even a small alliance, but should use all flags.

@Mistress_of_Shadows would you have an option?
@Heduard - would the Kats be a good fit?

Most of the alliances I know use a FFA war strategy. Regardless, GL in your E&P journey.

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If you fullfill the requirements try the Seven Days Family, a great place to stay.

Condemned is no longer managed by Hascar, contact @littleKAF, he is the head recruiter for the whole family.

Happy gaming

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TBD: since I am in the this alliance:

  • never a missed war flag
  • all 12* titans killed and the rare 12/13* titans

Look at the SWR family clan. Sounds like you would fit either Sherwood Rangers or Sherwood Rouges.