Looking for a competitive alliance hitting 14* titans

Nice to see your work. And thumbsdown for all those who understimate freely and without knowing.

Keep the good and passionate way on this game :sunglasses:


who are you? sorry not a clue what you are saying. Anyway, good for you :slight_smile:


AAh I remember. As I said, good for you :slight_smile:

I’ll just top this off with a quote from @Sarah2 (hope you don’t mind).

“Good people are harder to find than good rosters”.

Never has a quote been more true.

Sure glad to have @Homaclese as a team mate in Phoenix Empire.
Absolutely killing it and a great asset to the team.

Just goes to show what an open-mind can achieve. Haters could learn a thing or two.


Very much appreciated. Loving it here!

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Does that mean the @moderators can close this thread?

Glad you found your family!! It’s a good feeling for sure :slight_smile:

Yep, this belle has found herself a keeper and is off the market!