Looking for a competitive alliance hitting 14* titans

Thanks for the call out but for me at the moment the 14* titans are key. They are the best source of loot/mats. In addition the alliances hitting 14* titans have a corresponding level of war opponent which provides a good challenge

Sounds like you’re talking with @Aquaginera_7DD and @Defiler. I’d note that I’m in 7d and I too do not have Tel. While I haven’t ascended my Noor yet to 4.1, she is at 3.70 and is a contender - if I could only get more of those dang Damascus Blades.

Maybe I’ll see you soon!

You are looking for a 14* Titan competitive alliance but your profile doesnt look very competitive. Good luck there.

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Lol! Not sure how one could hit 14* without rules and taking things seriously?? Just saying…

I think some would be surprised on the “rules” at “higher alliances.” I’ll share this from another post I wrote.

You can see the 7dR “rules” in that post too. I think most dedicated players that have played long enough to build up a large enough roster should be able to meet these.

I can only speak for 7dR as I have first hand experience, but there are other alliances out there that are similar.


Well that is awfully nice of you to say.
I used to play in a 14* alliance where i could maintain a b average without flasks. I would average 200+ in wars including topping the alliance score multiple times. I share info tactics strategies with my alliance constantly.
What can you possibly base your comment on - my tp? That is awfully narrrow minded of you isnt it?

And yes you can be hitting 14s and be competitive without being too regimented.

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Its being a mix of competitive and easy going. That doesn’t mean you aren’t serious - you do all of your titan hits, war hits, flask when necessary, poon’ when necessary, discuss strategies etc. But you don’t for example get your war targets dictated, you don’t have a very narrow war window to hit, etc. And you have a laugh while doing it all

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Awesome! That’s exactly what I do lol!! Hope you find a wonderful new home:)

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I won’t try to sell you on her merits, people tend to have very strong opinions about her. But I think with the right team synergy she can be very valuable and I experience a high level of success when using her.

The video shows the synergy she has with Lady Loki and Grazul.

  • Lady Loki cleanses, pushes the attack debuff back on the opponent
  • Noor & Grazul fire
  • Ursena, Vela, GM fire. The red minions are still standing thanks to their toughness, the attack debuff and Noor’s defence buff
  • Grazul further heals and prevents second wave of DOTs
  • Joon fires and Grazul’s minion goes down but she has a good amount of life remaining

The team is about survivability as part of a battle of attrition and they work well together to achieve this goal

If you favour that style of play then she will work for you. She also does very well in events and PVE. Terrilble in defense, against titans and does not work well with a hard hitting/fast team.

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And because I am petty enough to not let this besmirchment go… here are my last 3 war results as part of a top 100 alliance. Is my profile competitive enough for you now? Think before you judge someone


Nice!! I feel good when I get 200+ in war. :slight_smile:

… always room for improvement… but definitely not something to frown upon.


Nice to see your work. And thumbsdown for all those who understimate freely and without knowing.

Keep the good and passionate way on this game :sunglasses:


who are you? sorry not a clue what you are saying. Anyway, good for you :slight_smile:


AAh I remember. As I said, good for you :slight_smile:

I’ll just top this off with a quote from @Sarah2 (hope you don’t mind).

“Good people are harder to find than good rosters”.

Never has a quote been more true.

Sure glad to have @Homaclese as a team mate in Phoenix Empire.
Absolutely killing it and a great asset to the team.

Just goes to show what an open-mind can achieve. Haters could learn a thing or two.


Very much appreciated. Loving it here!

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Does that mean the @moderators can close this thread?

Glad you found your family!! It’s a good feeling for sure :slight_smile:

Yep, this belle has found herself a keeper and is off the market!