Looking for a active & organised (mid-power) alliance


Edit: found a team, thanks everyone for your interest.

Hello everyone! Possible recruit here :wink:

I’m seeking mid range firepower competitive players who see fun in playing this game seriously from strategic point of view while having understanding that real life comes first.

I want to have manageable challenges in this game with great team of people to collaborate with. So, meeting >4k teams in war is just too much for me currently, and meeting <3k teams is just not fun. So, I’d like that whole team is in similar mid-range firepower with not too big difference between members.

So, basics about me:

  • very active player, playing for around 3.5 months
  • level 29
  • max TP around 3300+ (current def team around 3200+)
  • trophies 1900-2100
  • 10-30k hit on 7-9 star titan, depending on the titan and items
  • more than 30 heroes (from 1.1 to 4.x, but no 4/5 star maxed yet), so using all war flags is not a problem

If you have…

  • highly organised alliance, but without micromanaging people
  • whole team on board with leadership ideas and there’s no need to constantly educate or persuade anyone
  • very active players who really enjoy the game, want to win the war and are constantly honing their skills
  • teammates who are respectful, nice and helpful towards each other, and are having fun together
  • basics already absorbed long time ago and no one needs constant reminders for participation or about ongoing strategies
  • leadership and team which strive to learn new strategies and aim for constant improvement - based on knowledge - data, facts, other’s proven experience (eg forum) and not on opinions based on ‘who is here longer’
  • discord, or other _ organised _ out-game chats (not one single group = too much noise)

… I’d like to hear more about you, and if we’re a match, (join waiting queue to) spend some time together.

I think it’s best if you hit me first with your alliance name, and rules / strategy infos / other things your teammates need to know / follow / agree about, so we have starting point for negotiations :wink:

Let’s talk < deleted >
Join and send me PM with your stuff, and questions for me, and we’ll talk more there.

PS I’m not interested in ‘training alliances’ nor ‘casual holiday resorts’ nor alliances where not all members are not sure where they’re going nor ones where there’s a shame for trying stuff / scoring 0 or where people need various correctional facilities…


Phoenix Risen consistently battles 7-9* Titans. We agree when we are depleted, so we drop down to 7 to give us a chance to catch up on battle items.
We are a solid core of 26 members on the same page.
Most of us are share a Line chat group if Discord is giving you issues (my ID is moraleofficer & DenMother).
We ask for Alliance Activity when you are active, all three hits on Titans & Wars when possible.
The basic philosophy is Real Life First :smiley:


Our alliance is Pinky N the Brain. We are aiming to become a top 100+ alliance a d working toward that. We like to have fun, chat, help each other, talk strategies for wars, titans and all other aspects. Our leadership roles are earned and we have a written Acknowledgment of expectations so all members knows what’s expected of them and what to expect from leaders. We started in Oct last year. Currently hitting 7-9* working into the 2.2mil range with a current team of 29. Active group, crazy fun, like to quote movies and songs. We all have respect for each other and expect it from all. We use Line app with a general group and a separate for leadership. My Line ID is Meltigger if you like to talk more.


@xombie @ralsha: I see your teams as too diverse in terms of firepower than what I’m looking for now. I’d rather be on the lower end of the team, and not on the top currently. But thanks for offering :smile:


@RedPython, I enjoy your posts and it would be fun to work with you.

Have a look at us, Guardians of Terra.

I’ll be upfront, we have an absentee leader and we’re implementing a plan to migrate the whole alliance in a few weeks.

That being said, if you ride out the maelstrom, we’re fun, keen and chatty. The alliance uses line, not everyone is active on the group so it’s not too busy. There is also a separate group for leadership discussions.

We’re not so organized that we plan individual hits or things at that level.

Currently hitting 5 and 6* Titan.

The leader elect, @annieb, and I are active on the forum and share the latest research with the team.



Hi! We’d love for you to take a look at The Autumn Wind. Fun group, we coordinate in wars and our record is 23-0.

We’re pretty much addicted to the game and would welcome you, if you feel like we could be a good fit.

My teammate tagged you in our recruitment page here in the forum. If you’d like to learn more, message me. Or check us out in game. From what you wrote, it seems like you’d be ideal as our newest member.




Hi, our alliance is named Titan Assassins. We lost some members last week and trying to rebuild. Now we have 29/30, where some of us are way too weak to our 8*-9*.
Here is our rules:
Attack titan daily
Use all your 6 war attacks
Notified, if you can’t. We don’t kick people out, if they are on vacation.
Very active alliance
We are trying out one color tank strategy on war, but its kind of optional this point.:wink:
We don’t order players, where to attack or so on😊.
We help, if someone asks help. Don’t happen so often.
Open alliance so, if you are intrested try us out.
This war our opponent had teams between 3200-3500. We have couple of 4100.


Hi, our alliance is named IrishBanditos Taking out 7* & 8* titans with only 29 member we have line to. Look for us, im Choyomy good luck .


If still looking, check out Northern Vikings. We are a fun bunch killing 9* titans. All levels of players from maxed out to 800 trophies. Everyone participates. We want to win everything but dont fuss at people for anything. Have multiple discord channels for war, useful info, chat, erc. but not required. Everyone is there to have fun.

Our main debate right now is pancakes vs. waffles if that tells you anything.


@Lesley-annia @LuluA85 @Jass @ProtonPack

Thanks girls/guys for the offering, I found a place :slight_smile:

@Rook you can close it, thanks :smile: