Looking for 5 members or a small alliance for merger - FILLED LONG AGO BUT SOMEONE COMMENTED - DELETE ME!


I recently had a member leave for the 7 Days cult and a few followed him out, so I am looking to fill back up with 5 spots available. If you have small alliance, we can take everyone. We are killing 8* titans with just 25 of us, and were killing 9s at full strength and hitting some 10s. We cracked the top 250 alliances at one point. Titan hits required of course. We do the wars, but are not gung-ho organized about it. No brow beating. Most chat actively, but some are quiet, and either is fine. We don’t care about your trophy count, but a first team of 3000+ is a good idea (but not strictly required). I’ll work with you!

Leave a message here or come request a join in Sovereign Speakeasy


Saw this while browsing…

Have you guys been in touch?



I did see that, but thanks for looking out! i though those guys might be overwhelmed by 8/9* titans.


@Redeye - do you use line or discord? If so, can I message you?


@Timitrius: sure

vetinari-ep on Line


Ok thanks

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new to this forum. trying to find a few members for a new alliance.


alliance is called Hookers and Blow. 800+ trophies.