Looking for 13/14* titans but not top 100 when full

I face 12* and always score A or A+ but my team is not deep enough to fight wars with top 100 level alliances yet. Any alliances out there like this?

@Needtoknow we chain 14* and have had many people come join; they’re difficult to hit effectively over a sustainable period. Lot of people run out of mats.

If you don’t have Miki tarlak or ranvir maxed, it’ll be tough.

Also should have most of these heroes:

Arthur / Frida

I have most of those

I have every hero listed except Tarlak, Eve, and Athena. I still get hit really hard by 8* rares… what battle items are needed to survive those hard hitting titans?

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I have two alliances, one that is top 100 and one that is top 300. You might be looking to hit 13 star Titans but once you get into 14* Titans, you start getting up in the to the top 100 range. And as you say the wars there can be very difficult with the high-level troops and emblems that are needed. ~Legion of Darkness~ our top 300 alliances is short-handed right now, but when full hits 12 and 13 star Titans. And if you had the desire to you could come up to the top 100 Alliance on occasion to hit at 14 star Titans.

Wilbur might help you if you’re having trouble with survivability. His sharing a damage feature can help keep your team alive. Otherwise you need to take in mana, tornadoes, time stops, & turtle banners.

Basically you need to try to hit the weak spot to stun the state Titan so that he can’t hit you. Or use time stops. And just keep your team Alive by applying Health items or giving mana to a healer on your lineup.

Diluting the color stack, all those expensive items… sounds near impossible to maintain. I can’t imagine using that many time stops a day…

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Agree, maybe 2 - 3. Some people roll with three colors. It’s not great but people can still get 40K using wilbur, def debuff and color stack. I dont use him, I usually carry revive Scrolls. Personally. It’s definitely a grind

Multiple colors is a pain. It’s why I love red titans so much. I can bring Kiril/Grimm/Frida/Ariel/Miki. Sounds like that wouldn’t work on 14* reds…

I’m missing Athena. She would be such a boost!

@StephenNap89 best survival would be to try and carry Wilbur or Aegir.

Turtle, nados, medium mana, stops

I hope you’re firing kiril Miki Frida grimm Ariel in that sequence.

I have Wilbur, but not Aegir.

I fire in the order I posted. Miki raises normal attack… no need to fire him first.

The part you overlooked is Frida before Grimm.

I was firing grimm first before alliance mate pointed out grimm has higher attack vs Frida so it does improve your damage.

Maybe, but tile damage kills titans. When we are talking 5k damage per tile, is the extra 150 you might get by switching them really significant? Sure, optimize, but that won’t make any significant difference.

We are doing 12/13 and sit in the top 200. Why dont we have a chat? Kaosonboard on line.

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The key to surviving titans is the use of mats effectively.

Wilbur + mana pots

Either of those will advance your game quite a bit.

Mix it up a bit. I vary between bringing timestops, nados or just banners and axes. Always either 10 small pots or 5 medium ones. Always Wilbur, always start the hit potting him up. I rarely use more than 6 small or 3 medium pots, one nado/two timestops, maybe some dotes or bears (depending on titan).

For rares you have to plan more carefully, according to their special. For me it turned out that 4 titanium shields and 3 fletchers with 1* troops is the most economical way of getting heavy hits.

I’m in an alliance stringing 14* and it’s definitely doable without exhausting resources.

(And @OP, sorry for off topic)

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