Looking for 1-2 teammates to bring us over top 100

Dead Titans Society currently has 2 openings!

Seeking an experienced high level player (level +50, +4000 power, +2400 cups or close) who will be an active and daily participant within our alliance.

We are a friendly international group of daily and very active players who are drama-free, knowledgeable and fun who are successfully killing 12* Titans.

We are super chatty but it’s not a requirement, as long as you:

• follow the Featured Message for important notices and strategies

• join our Discord channel

• have +30 maxed heroes (5*/4* heroes with ideally +15 5*)

DTS expects and encourages every member to communicate (via EP chat and Discord), grow (heroes, knowledge, skill) and participate reliably (titans +AW). We have chats, screenshots, documents, charts, videos, and live stream, for general gameplay knowledge, raiding and titan tips, AW strategy, and roster advice. We genuinely enjoy helping each other improve and advance, for individual and alliance benefit!

We expect daily participation on Titans (more than 3 flags please) and FULL 6 flag participation in Alliance Wars or utilize the opt out feature BEFORE matchmaking begins.

Communication is a priority for our alliance, we are totally OK with members missing Titan hits or AW due to RL situations, but we expect to be given a heads up prior to inactivity (outside of a true emergency).

Come knock on our door and mention this ad, see if we’re a good fit for you!

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Thanks for helping @Lurking :smile:

We only bite a little… unless you make a special request

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