Looking 4 Permanent Home

Hey I’m looking for a serious team with Titan mins of no less than 80k. Prefer FFA wars but if its a strategy that doesn’t require alarms I suppose I’m good with that as well. Used to 12* regularly but can and will be ok with 13/14*. 20+maxed 5* and very close to be lvl 23 maxed troops. 4600+tp, still running Telluria tank. Let me know thanks


Tagging friends that might be able to help you.
@Math4lyfe @Timber @MuadDib

Ps. I’d suggest the Incognitos but we’re full atm.


I’m sure we have a Crew that fits. Math4Lyfe will send you a message I’m sure :slight_smile:

We have like 9 alliances with all tastes accounted for. I’d recommended Crew-Jesters that I’m in but we are currently full too.


Check us out…alliance is Cowbells. We are only 2 weeks old but have some high level, very experienced players. Currently only at 7* titans but not looking at passing any time soon. We are trying to grow now that we have gotten past the baby titan stage of a new alliance. Our wars are a mix of ffa and wave attacks. Generally we aim for 2000 points by 16:00 on the war clock…then hold for all teams to respawn…then its a full on swarm attack for 2 flips or more. We would love to have you if this sounds like a fit

Hey @Attila,

Please check out Phoenix Empire! We have two spots opening up after war. We are stringing 14* titans and have solidified ourselves in the top100.

I am contactable on line: muaddib-on-line if you’d like to chat and see!

Thanks @Sarah2 for the tag


I know just the one :smile:

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You are welcome to check our Red Hot & Blue. It is a group of 20 dedicated adult players who take titian and war seriously. We dont set alarms(this old geezer needs his beauty sleep to make for for 30+ year on call). We do try to take out the small repeatedly with most of the action in the second half since flipping is more effective then.

Since we are not up to full capacity and our players are growing(mean def around 3900) we handle 7’s for a snack and occasionally we can put it all together to take down an 8. Our goal is by thanksgiving to be handling 8’s without a problem and 9’ by christmas. With your guns and further growth of our players I don’t see that as a problem.

we would appreciate you experience.

Thank you @Sarah2 for the tag :slight_smile:

My line id is lafontaine4 if you’d like to chat about crew. Lots of possibilities here.

And I see you have some great options posted already too. You’ll find the right home in no time!

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Give me a shout in Line, we use a simple war strategy and you would certainly fit right in. Part of the Crew Family.

Come join us in the 9th legion. We would love to have you on board.

Thank you all for responding I am very much still checking out places. I appreciate all the shouts, it is very helpful on my pursuit for a forever home

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