Look at his face



Have faith in what fire truck?

Have faith that I’ll finally pull Sartana or Alberich? Leave me alone!!



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If he was my childrens bus driver…he would be a “missing person report”

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He’s such an adorable old man.

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20 characters

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Which one on @Garanwyn’s form is it?

This one?

The art on this game used to be awesome, but the new heroes look like rotoscoped Teletubbies. I’m really not excited about getting Tinky Winky to 4/80, even if he is a fast mana purple tank.

He suppose to be a poor friar in middle ages era.

His weight is suspicious.

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I once summoned 10 nature heroes, hopefully to get 4* or 5* nature heroes, end up getting another 3* plus many dupes of this friar guy.

Looking at his faces in the summon results make me pissed off coz it’s like he’s saying “Serve your right, rnGezzuz ain’t gonna favor ya~”. :sweat_smile:

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Yep. “have faith”, and that facial expression. He’s telling you to have faith but he knows it’s useless. :joy::rofl:


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