Longest Raid Win Streak

Just noticed I had a “Longest Raid Win Streak” of 30. I obviously try to win every raid because I am competitive, but I have no idea when this 30 game win streak happened in my 230 days of playing. I only drop cups by accident (drunk, fall asleep with raiding team up), or if I am testing out a new defense. This streak was not intentional, but I am wondering regardless of intentional or not, id like to see these streaks.

I am curious of others “Longest Raid Win Streak” Please share. Mine Below:

mine is only 24, which strangely is also my highest combo!

I am at 96 win streak. Only 20 for combo.

Mine is 232

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214 win streak. 20 hit combo… Does anyone have a higher than 20 combo?

To op, seems like you need a better alliance to down better titans. Welcome to join ours if you want, we are on 9* titans.

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Longest win streak is 137 for me

My raid win streak is 31, with a high combo of only 18.

Some of you folks have some pretty impressive stats.

@anon89026910 combo 25 :slight_smile:


@Jedon isn’t your’s ridiculous?

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Indeed I got 323

Thanks @Starryeyedgryph for tagging me.


Longest Win Streak 50, also 20 for highest Combo…

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Here is my contribution :slight_smile:


Here is mine. Btw: I play E&P for a year now, and I am new to the forum.


Here’s mine.

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We should have 2 categories in this thread. One for those who take on the highest challenges they can find, and one for those who drop cups to prey on the weak. It’s easy to rack up a streak of hundreds of wins when you bring a diamond level roster to bronze tier.


True, player behaviour has a large effect on this number. But only 2 categories? I’m not sure…

My longest raid win streak is 72. I am an economic raider focussed on filling the hero chest. My food supply is near infinite, so I cycle through many targets until I find one that I can comfortably beat.
I do stick to diamond, for better chest loot. No cup dropping, I have never done that and never will, because it makes me feel better - I know, something about honor and foolishness. I maintain a strong defence team, if I stop raiding I bottom out to 2.300 to 2.400 cups.

I typically hit anything with a team score that is 100 or more lower than mine. For my skill level that is the sweet spot resulting in a lot of wins in diamond without having to spend too much time (a much more precious resource for me than food) cycling targets.

So that 72 number is influenced strongly by my economic raiding. I don’t look for the biggest challenge I can find. I don’t drop cups either. I economically raid just a little below my weight for optimum success rate and chest loot. And that more often than not results in a win.

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774, but that was before the raid tiers.

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