Longest document Raid Tournament win streak?

Has anyone recorded the longest documented Raid Tournament win streaks?

I’m currently at 50 consecutive matches won (2 weeks back to back 25/25). :slight_smile:


Raid tournament*

Congrats @JekylandHyde!

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Oh, sorry. I don’t know since I didn’t count. I have some 25/25 in 4* tournament but not sure if there is some that is next to each other or not.


Thanks. It would be interesting to know.

Last year I went 31 games in a row and had a 25/25 in a 3* in the middle. Strangely, that happened the same week as my 25/25 last week with the 4s.

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Congrats nice one… Keep it up for next week tournament.
People do track there wins and losses in the thread each week its published… So let’s see if they got back to back weeks or more… :sunglasses::+1: