Longest battle? – has anyone had a battle last longer than 3 hours?

I am new to forums and have been playing E&P for about 8 months or so (F2P except 2 months of vip).
I was wondering if there was any world record for longest battle played in E&P?

Last night I posted to my alliance members that I was mentally exhausted after playing the final Trial battle against Boril, Joon and Friar Tuck. After posting the time spent, they told me to post here and see if there’s a longer record.

Well, I started around 8:45pm and took about 10 minutes to get through the first 4 waves as I wanted to make sure I had charged all specials before each new wave and the boss. I took out Joon and Boril with battle items but then Friar Tuck started healing and was healing for more than I could damage him.(I was doing about 250-300 and he healed for 419) I was down to a Li Xiu, Kunchen and Rigard and expecting a 5 minute timer to kick me out of the battle with a loss. 2.5 hours in, I was frustrated that ghosting tiles and trying to move as many yellow/purple to the middle 3 columns was not working and FT resisting 1/2 my Kunchen specials. I gave up trying that and tried making as many gems as I could and pop them for chain reactions of any color because I would either die trying or mentally die… 15 minutes later (11:30pm) I finally did enough damage from cascading crystals and chain attacks that Friar Tuck died.

So I was wondering if anyone has been in a single battle longer than 3 hours?

EDIT: thanks @zephyr1 for fixing my post. Sorry for the rookie error.


I don’t think I’ve been in a battle longer than 15 minutes.


I would have mentally died 15minutes in. I salute your mental fortitude and determination. I’m ready to hand you the trophy for the longest active battle.


Wow, that’s truly impressive. Most battles are time-limited, e.g. raids and war.

This was truly a Trials of Endurance for you! Congrats on winning in he end.


I would have stopped after 20. Did that xmas vs mother truckin north


You’ll definitely win the prize for the longest battle ever…

And I thought, my 30 minutes were already hardcore. Xmas seasonals vs nordic mum and some trials lasted that long.

But hours and hours - nice to have such patience.


No worries, I figured the title amendment would get more people’s attention. :wink:

As others have said, it’s impressive you stuck with it so long!

I got 20 minutes or so into the Trials of Fortitude battle a few weeks ago, and couldn’t stand to keep going, so I used Dragon Attacks and Bombs to put an end to it.

I can’t imagine going for hours more.

Congrats on your eventual victory in the end!

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I didn’t think it would go that long because at one point I got him down to under 300hp but had no yellow or purple tiles on the board but he eventually healed back up.

I sent my daughter to bed just after 9pm telling her “it’s not looking good” after she watched me kill boril and joon, then Friar Tuck heal and heal and heal.


I thought these were timed as well.

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Back in the oooooooooold days raids weren’t time limited, so it was possible to find yourself in a healer v. healer situation with all the other heroes dead. Those fights seemed to last forever. I personally fought one of those battles for about an hour, I think. (In the end I lost.)

But 2 hours and 45 minutes? That has got to be a record. @TaquitoJimmy, you are the champ.

Edit: Just FYI, for anyone interested: raid timers were introduced in June 2017.


This made me chuckle at my desk this morning. Thank you for that!! :smile: Also well deserved win after 3 hours, you Sir are far more patient than I could ever be with this game.


My husband fought Mother North for over 30 minutes in the Christmas event. He was going to just put it on auto but I took over.

I fought for a further 15 minutes before suceeding.

Never want to do that again!


Lmao, even if you lost you gained once again the flags to retry in the meantime.


Like a lot of people here said, I fought Mother North for over an hour during the X-mas event.

She eventually wore me down and won that match, BTW. I wasn’t about to get out-stubborned by Green Betty Crocker.


I have quit after a p minutes or so myself. Just a back and forth never ending slog.

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The final stage is 20 World Energy. It takes 10 min to fill one W.E. flag. 3 hours in battle is still economical from the sense that fleeing causes loss in W.E.

This has not been the first time of fight complaint I’ve seen, especially regarding the Emblem Quests (Christmas event with Mother North was the first time I saw the complaint) and I think it would be wise for the Devs to install a time limit that at least matches the amount of W.E. a stage costs (i.e. a stage costing 6 W.E. would time out after an hour).

Your tenacity in continuing the good fight is incredible. I don’t know that I would have kept on for 3 hours, but maybe 1 haha! Glad you won in the end, too.

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Well, veryone else has already congratulated you for your patience.

And I do go along with that, but also want to do it for your cell phone’s battery… really incredible… :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Would have given up long before the 3 hour mark, they should have some kind of timer put on this anyway? The only memorably long battle I’ve had was Mother North on the hard portion of the xmas event, but it was maybe 10 minutes.

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First off kudos for being able to look at that screen for 3 hours with all those colored tiles flying everywhere and not go into vertigo. Bigger kudos on the win. I think during the trial or special event that involved QoH as the boss felt like 3 hours when I played it but in actuality it was like 15 minutes. She was a PAIN!!!


3 hours…hell no. I’d neve be able to keep my patience that long. Kudos…

My longest was Christmas event about 47min … that was a grind… let alone yours.


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