Long waiting period for Titan loot


At the moment my alliance is experiencing that the waiting period for getting the loot after defeating the Titan is getting longer and longer. It used to be between 2 and 5 minutes, then the waiting time started to increase at the beginning of the week; now we already have to wait more than half an hour. Is this a normal process? I don’t think so. And I am a bit worried, what happens, when the waiting period is more than one hour, but we defeated the last one only short before time lapse or we did not defeat it at all and so the next one is supposed to be there after one hour.


We experienced a significant delay last night as well, about 17 minutes. I’m sure that multiple factors contribute to this, and part of it may simply be the game is growing. There’s a new patch out, there’s a new monthly event coming up and about to be a new hero of the month. It may simply be increased server traffic.


I’ve seen this before. Likely it is related to an update, and will get fixed in an update soon enough.


The last two days it has been much better again. :slight_smile: