Long term player looking for new alliance

You are welcome and You can join in Epic Embers

@Obsidian Legion Of Darkness would be interested

We’re part of the Last Legion family and kill mainly 12* and 13* titans.

We have a simple war strategy(1 round of 10 targets,then free for all) and run purple tanks.

We use all flags in wars and our core group has been in the alliance a lllooonnngg time.

Our recruitment thread is here for more details or hit me on LINE @andybsg

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@Obsidian i don’t envy u :laughing: plenty of nice choices. I took the liberty of sending u a msg also so i can invite u to some recruiting rooms if interested. Good luck.

You sound like you’d be a great fit here at Turpitude. We typically have very low turnover and when someone leaves it is almost always to focus on real life priorities or due to general E&P burnout. No drama, simple strats, no pressure, and very low requirements for an alliance that is usually top 100 when full.

Added you I think :thinking: :joy: can invite yah to the group chat when yah want.

Thanks everyone I’m a little busy today but I’ll check on the new replies and contact the others that were here. Last time I posted and figured it would close and never came back to say I joined someone so thread stayed open and I apologize . Lots of good choices and hopefully this will be the last move.

Thanks everyone and if you missed t line id is Obsidian.
In case you want to direct msg.

Thanks. Just trying to keep everyone updated so nobody thinks they’re ignored. I’m still contacting people and the. Waiting for replies so it takes a bit. Hope you understand.


Just wanted to honestly thank Everyone for replying and I did check your alliances out either through line or by just peeking through the alliance tool in EP. Ma y good choices and any would have been fun but I chose …drum roll…

Some of you were full and this was what I think should be a good fit. Hopefully I won’t need to post here again but to those who posted and i didn’t join I hope no hard feelings.

Tha ks again everyone!!!


Hello :raising_hand_woman:t5:
You are welcome to check out :star:Stargazers​:star:
I started and built the alliance 4 years ago, ran it for a year or so, then had to quit playing for a few years.

I re started playing last week and am so happy to be back :slightly_smiling_face:
I grew Stargazers to reach top 25 alliances 3 years ago.
The alliance is currently very small, but it will grow fairly rapidly, now that I’m back.

I am a very dedicated and compassionate leader. I am reasonable, but don’t tolerate non active players or rude and mean players.

I’ve got a few old alliance mates that I reached out to and found. They have very willingly agreed to rejoin Stargazers.

:star:I am looking for long term players​:star:

Oh! Looks like I just missed ya.

Good luck with your new team and congratulations on choosing :star:

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