Long term player looking for new alliance

Greetings again(unfortunately),

I posted here back in March and got many great replies. I’ve tried reaching out to some of you but things change fast so I figured I’d post here.

Playing about 4 years and led an alliance for 2. Was c2p but now am pretty much ftp unless I pick up an occasional offer for cheap gems. I am also in beta if that matters.

25 5* heroes many with max emblems. All buildings except alk lab finished and that is half done only cause nothing left to build. I am on multiple times daily hut Titans and do all wars. We were doing 14* but I’m happy with anything over 11 or 12 that go down regularly .

Troops are level 17-18 and I’m working to push to 23.
S1 - all heroes but Quintus and Azlar with dupes of most. All the snipers are maxed plus a few I have 2 of maxed and emblemed like lianna and joon. Have Richard costume maxed and isarnia costume but she’s sitting at 3.70 by choice . Other notables include costumed versions of Melendor, rigard, Kiril. Sabina, Caedmon, Chao, Scarlett, and some others I’m probably forgetting.

Others include - Mitsuko, Frigg. Krampus, Glenda, Grimble, Yang Mai, Clarissa (ha10) Mist, Lady Wool x 2,

I’m looking for an alliance that has rules and people don’t constantly jump ship. Out last alliance was pushing to top 100 and in fighting started then people left. We merged but now most of original group has gone and the new group just isn’t for me as we’ve lost 4 wars since merge.

So if you have a near full alliance needing a solid player and hit big Titans with some war strategy then let me know.

Thanks in advance !


Pop in here for a chat if you like :slightly_smiling_face:


We have a few retired leaders in our ranks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello, Tommy here, the player with profile and experience like you have described would be great fit to our alliance.

At the same time, you could help us to grow.

Please check us out : alliance Git Your Rage On or feel free to ask any questions,

Join Canadian Intl USA , we’re very consistent and solid , we use all war flags, usually cap titans at 11 or 12*, we have a war coordinator with a great strategy , titan coordinator as well ,we are casual hardcore, great communication and drama free request to join and say GD sent U , or Ill just open alliance now .You’ll be promoted right away, mention this message. line Supreme514
only 3 spots remain

Replied last time, check out Ascendancy, line tsataya, if you’re interested in capped membership, capped titans, and all the benefits that flow from that. Awesome alliance with members who have all been in top 100 alliances, war record you wouldn’t believe if I told you

Thanks for replies so far, I’m opted into our war and I don’t want to leave like that, it’s not cool and I hate when. People do it to us. So expect to hear from me in a bit and again thx for the replies.


Hey, we’ll be happy if you visit us! Mostly long term members, a stable alliance, with simple rules designed to ensure that everyone respect other players’ effort. 11-12* titans atm, war strategy in place, but not of super military kind. 2 places left, for 1 we expect an old memeber to return after a real-life break. :slight_smile:

Hope to see you one day! Cheers!

Sorry things didn’t work out. You’ve already had some great offers Incognitos btw is a great alliance - just saying :wink:.

I mentioned two alliances last time you posted. Both have a mixture of player levels, and both have great camaraderie at war time and use all war flags when opted in.

Chaining 12* titans

Chaining 10* titans

Both have dedicated team mates, who’ve weathered departures, retirements and still going strong - @Kalis could add more. :wink:

GL in your decision making.


Hey!! I’m gonna keep my message short and sweet. (Like myself)

Feel free to check us out at Infinite Waters.
We have a few up and comers. And some competitive players. :wink:

Reading your description. You’d fit in so well with us. Feel free to drop me a message. Or check us out in the game and play with us for a couple days and see how you find us.

I promise you won’t be disappointed. :relaxed:

Good luck in finding your new home.

On 10-11* titans.


Not to sway one way or the other but apex predators would be where i woud go if i wasn’t on lockdown :laughing: great leader and a legend. ( i been playing 4 years, I get around) Good luck all. :kiss:

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Beat me too it @Sarah2 ! Depending on the level of Titan you want to hit, I’d also like to recommend TBD: Part Deux.

We’ve got a great war record (and never any flags left on the field looking forlornly at the battle going on around them) we chain 12* Titans (capped at 12* which means we tend to get 13* rares… Who always go down), and we’re a fun bunch (but everyone says that).

We use Line (for vids) and Discord (for chat) but neither is mandatory.

It sounds like you’d be a great fit, so drop @Kalis or @Macaque1902 a line and pop your head in.


(Or just knock on the door post war)


I’ve recently joined a new alliance called A World of Pain. We hit generally 13* titans. If you are interested, feel free to shoot me a message

Join us in “The Average Joes”.

:slight_smile: Hi!!! I am with an alliance of 6 players who just left and formed our own alliance because our last home wasn’t enforcing rules and activity just stopped. We are actively recruiting players such as yourself and we wouldn’t scoff at the idea of merging with another alliance who matches our “codes”
We are all very active and chatty. We love a good war with communication and strategy! I invite you to come visit us. We switch to invite only during certain times to ensure we don’t end up with “ex players” on the battlefield.
War and Order is our alliance name.
You can find us on LINE too. Send me a msg if you want to chat with myself and the other co leaders :slight_smile: 3rica1976

Hey @Obsidian

You may be a LITTLE short on some of the requirements for the 7Days alliance but if you’re interested lmk and I can put you in touch with the different recruiters.

This is a summary of the 7D family:

I don’t know if you have made your decision yet. If you are still considering then please consider the Locker. We are a stable alliance with majority of the members having 2+ years here and our core group (about half) have been together for 3+ years.

We are killing 10/11* titans and starting to tease 12*. Wars are optional, we do use a simple war strategy, rotating tanks and no micromanagement of the battlefield.

Our only true requirements are daily titan hits and if you take the battlefield then you are expected to use all war flags.

If you are interested just give us a knock on the door. Or if you have any other questions feel free to contact me via Line at wolfwarrior66.

Hope to see you soon.


Hey you could check us out!

International Fight Club

We have rules on hitting titan, and pretty flexible on wars. We’re Top 350 currently but will definitely be closer to Top 100 once we are full (29/30 members now).

Check us out!

Guv thank you I’ll take a look I can’t believe you even replied . Never tough I’d even be close enough to be rejected by 7dx lol. I’ll take a look, I’m interested in Apex predators and a few others. I also reached out to some from last time but they’re full.

I will certainly look even if I’m a miss right now it’s a goal to work toward. Thx.


I tried to find the line room but it’s nkt showing up. You guys are on the short list. I just wanted to talk plus it’s invite only. Let me know if there’s a way to reach anyone on line.
Line id: obsidian


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