Long term consideration for map effects

I was debating placing this in ideas and features, but I realized this is very very long term and it is my opinion this needs to be ironed out before moving forward. This said I hope to hear from others on this including if the idea itself is unfeasible. Idea for discussion: New map effects similar to season 2, but with a twist.

Season two revealed effects such as poison mist or limited time drowning waves and I would like to ask what players’ opinions are on taking these a step further. For sake of a working example poison mist as it is except with a way to detonate the poison. Say Azlar launches his AOE attack into the stage and the poison damages all participants on the battlefield in addition to the damage his AOE does. I personally believe this would be a cool idea to bring a little more variety and challenge that would be accessible to all players once they get to this point. Also for the record I am not theough season 2 yet so there may be a few battlefield effects I am yet to see.

I realize this is a very long term suggestion and I emphasize the need for, as far as I know, Stronghold 22-25, Alchemy Lab, Heroes Academy and Season 3? to be implemented long before, but if the game survives this long I hope this is taken into consideration. Please feel free to add additional effect ideas such as map interactions and if there is something I haven’t considered please let me know.

Good luck and happy hunting with everything this surprisingly fun match 3 continues to offer.

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