Long lost E+P players

Matched in war to Mystic Meadows for Sat 10/17/20. Interested in a war chat?

(Exchange of memes, jokes & attack videos)

Contact saberofempires on line to make arrangements.

Too late!

It could have been fun!
We would have enjoyed a chance to make new friends. :wink:


It’s doubtful they would have found your invitation on this thread. Next time try offering the invitation in your alliance description. Also check their alliance description to see if they have a line id you can contact.

Alternatively, you could create a separate thread with your opponent’s name asking for a war chat.


We tried a number of ways to contact them. Thank you for the suggestions.


Sorry, I don’t get on the forum much anymore. Didn’t see this in time. We use discord anyway, and not very well or often at that :sweat_smile:

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