Long lasting raids

This must have been the first time I hit turn 36. It said damage increased to 160%
I thought there was just a time limit. Any other raid tricks I’ve missed?

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The trick is tricky, since your team has to sustain that long.

There are no more tricks, but both receive the attack boost.

I often come to that point with 3 healers and Wilbur.

2.9K mono won against 4,1K rainbow. I thought go mono or go home. Was the 3rd try…

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I had no idea this was a rare thing; good thing I have screenshots. :laughing:

I’ve gone to the 30s a number of times, and I think 42 was my highest (220% damage, I think). Can’t remember how many healers there were, as that was weeks ago, but I had two. :slight_smile: