Lonesome... No Members

There are no members in my alliance apparently…

Titan hits say Ex Members…Screenshot_20190529-215644_Empires
Too many sudden bugs & glitches…

Reboot your phone. Problem solved

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Cleared cache… restarted phone… same issue…

As @KLinMayhem said, my experience is that force quitting and reopening the game usually resolves this.

But if it’s still showing, I wouldn’t worry about it, it’s just a visual problem with missing data that should resolve itself at some point.

Still makes my heart skip a beat when I see those ex-members :persevere:

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Also had this ex member on titan showing up glitch a few days ago. Since it was just a single appearance and the alliance hasn’t changed, I didn’t spend further thoughts on it.

I have a problem:
I don’t know what is it, but we’re about to lose the war because of this bug.

The reservation lasts from 7am , and it’s 10am (country: Romania)

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